5 Apps for Learning Languages 2023

5 Apps for Learning Languages 2023

You probably think you can learn a language without using these 5 apps for learning languages. In this I’m going to be going over the five best language learning apps that you need to use. If you’re looking to learn a new language this year let’s go it is time.

Most of people want to learn language but they can’t find a way or an academy or something else to learn language so I bring 5 apps for learning languages.

5 apps for learning languages

1. Fluyo

number one on this year’s list is fluyo now you probably never heard about it. But fluyo is epic fluyo is the app that you can easily learn. Now what is fluio how can it help you fluio is an all-in-one language learning app that’s designed from the ground up to be the most fun and effective way to learn a language ever.

It’s really going to help you out if you find yourself to be a person who try to hop into a language but then you quickly get kind of demotivated you find it troubling to stay consistent because essentially the way that fluyo is built it’s going to teach you the most common two to three thousand words in your language my most useful words but it’s going to teach you in a way that’s so fun in a way that registers in your head that like you’re playing a video game like you’re playing Call of Duty or fortnight or World of Warcraft or like Pokemon that’s how fun it is.

It’s essentially 10 times more fun than any language learning app out there on the market it’s going to be really helpful for people who just have to force themselves to learn languages or to practice their language. Because it really requires no effort to use you kind of have to like force yourself not to use it but aside from that main video game part of the app there’s also other parts of the app so there’s smart space repetition flash cards that can replace Anki there is basically like Discord for language learners is where you can go in group chats and learn languages and make friends and practice your language skills.

On top of that there’s also mini games. so you can learn and review words with people online or against friends on like this Bonkers. it is the most exciting language learning app out there it’s also like completely brand new so I would highly recommend to go to fluyopp.com.

5 apps for learning languages

2. Lingo Deer

Next app on this list is lingo deer which one of 5 apps for learning languages this is a great app for those learning Asian languages whether it be Japanese Chinese Korean. lingo deer is beast when it comes to those languages they’ve also expanded to cover more languages. Now I couldn’t believe they cover like nine languages or something like that maybe 9, 10 languages some European ones.

When it comes to teaching Asian languages the app is kind of structured very similar to like just the normal kind of course or path app where you kind of follow a path and by the time you finish you are very comfortable with the basics and you have a good solid knowledge of the grammar. now lingo deer your method is very grammar focused which is great for people who just want to put their heads down and just learn grammar and make sure they can Master it. it can get a little bit much for some people but by far if you are struggling with grammar especially for Asian languages they are a great resource to go for or with them your kind of get what you expect to get. while you’re going through the course you’re going to know exactly where you are and you’re going to know exactly what you can and can’t learn and you’re going to learn it.

I really respect and know their reputation amongst language Learners is pretty spotless they are a bit pricey I believe it’s like 14.99 a month but there is the option to try out a few free lessons and also whenever you pay annually things. usually decrease in price so that is lingo deer that is the pricing that’s the languages that they cover.

5 apps for learning languages

3. Pimsleur

Next up on this list is Pimsleur, pimsleur’s like the OG, pimsleur is like it’s just a good old it’s just it’s just a good old language learning app it’s trusted. It is an app that you can use to learn like I think five of the seven languages that you can speak and it’s a really nice audio course app. So essentially what pimsleur looks like when you get into it’s an audio course each section of the audio course has 30 lessons. Each lesson is 30 minutes and basically what happens is when you get into it there is a conversation that plays at the beginning of the lesson you don’t understand anything but by the end of the lesson 30 minutes later you understand everything which is really cool and I feel like pimsleur is perfect for people in the first four to like six weeks of starting a language.

It is a great app to get you used to the sound of a language and to get you actually speaking it albeit not as much like you’re not going to be speaking fluently after you finish it. But it is a great app for beginners to at least get that kind of start and to build that confidence and to interact with the language. whatever that language may be they cover a bunch of different languages. I’m not even a list all of them it’s like a lot most likely the language that you want to learn they’ve got it similar price point to lingo deer I think there’s around 14.99 or maybe 19.99 a month again considerably more expensive than fluio will be or some of the other language learning apps. But the cool thing about them is the amount of content isn’t that that big so it’s like you can finish pimsleur’s content within a few months and you can always cancel.

If you need to aside from that on their app there’s also a bunch of other kind of smaller features that supplement like that main course that help you review the words and learn words. but in general it is just a pretty dope way to kind of start off a language and I would recommend them to anyone.

5 apps for learning languages

4. Duolingo

Next app is Duolingo, you know when flu comes out it’s gonna be a different story but currently they are the most fun app in the market and of course they’ve had such a huge impact on the language learning app ecosystem. They cover are a bunch of languages a lot more than any other app so if you are looking for a free app the Duolingo. It’s all right in terms of the information that it teaches you it really is quite comprehensive so you will learn a lot albites the sentences that you learn sometimes are a little bit strange and weird and useless.

But you will learn a good amount of vocabulary going through their standard course and it is a great tool for beginners especially beginners that are just dabbling in language learning. they don’t want to pay but they do want to get a little bit of experience. Now this is controversial for two reasons one because I’ve historically always kind of trash do a link a little bit but two because recently within this last year they’ve actually changed that up their look they’ve changed the core way that Duolingo teaches languages their whole new path system.

apps for learning languages

5. Speakally

Number five is an app called speakally so speakly is a vocab boosting app one of the reasons I like it is because their methodology is similar to fluios the focus is on the most common two thousand to three thousand words. They’re really trying to teach you useful words as quickly as possible. now the app is a bit drier I would say it’s not as fun as Duolingo maybe and definitely not as fun as blue your kind of around pimsleur level fun.

but it is for those serious Learners that just want to get so much vocab into their head as quickly as possible. I think it’s really great for that they’re offering in terms of how many languages they support is a little bit limited maybe around like I think it’s around seven to eight languages that they cover not the most common languages as well but if they do cover your language I would recommend to check it out they are kind of a no-nonsense vocabulary booster you’re going to use them.

You’re going to learn words and context and you’re going to learn a lot very quickly. they are a fully paid app so it does require a monthly subscription however monthly subscription I don’t think is as bad I think it’s relatively affordable ten dollars a month if you pay monthly and like four dollars if you pay like at once which is pretty decent and you also have a seven-day free trial. so that is speakally last but not least. read more

What’s the Duolingo learning languages alternative apps ?

There is many learning languages apps but I quite gathered top 5 apps for learning languages. these are the alternative apps mentioned in below:
1. Rosetta Stone
2. Memrise

Which are the top learning languages apps?

There is many learning languages apps but I quite gathered top 5 apps for learning languages. These apps are easy to use and learning with fun:
1. Fluio
2. Lingo Deer
3. Pimsleur
4. Duolingo
5. Speakally


Over the above I mentioned 5 apps for learning languages which is most amazing apps that I gathered for you guys. It can be easy and fun to learn languages.

I tried to make it easy for you to bringing these 5 apps for learning languages every app loaded with their amazing features so do check it out these apps.

if you ever haven’t use 5 apps for learning languages before and want use so go explore it, these apps suits your need. so tell me in comments box what’s your favorite one of these app, Good luck.

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