You Can Grow Your Page With Facebook Templates.

You Can Grow Your Page With Facebook Templates.
Facebook page templates let’s get started when you properly set up your Facebook business page with the right page template for your business you can attract your potential visitors to stay on your page like your page and follow you the Facebook page templates that are available will control the tabs that will be visible on the top section of your Facebook business page also it shows a different order of the tabs that are relevant to be shown on your page the different Facebook page templates that you can apply to your page go to your Facebook page and from the left menus choose the settings menu under page settings click on the templates and tabs  the current template applied to your Facebook will be shown  in this case the current template is a shopping template now click the edit button to view more templates

Since the shopping tab is the current template it is shown at the top of the list the shopping template is designed to showcase the products that you are selling making it easier for people to shop online the default tabs are events reviews and photos the business template is designed to help you manage your business it will prioritize the groups jobs and events tabs  the Venus template is designed to highlight relevant info like the venue’s hours location and upcoming events here’s an example page with the events tab highlighting their upcoming events the non-profit template is designed to highlight your non-profit organization’s costs and encourage people to donate people can make a donation using their credit card or paypal account the politicians template is designed to help the politicians reach their supporters and let them know their campaigns and share their content next the services template

Is designed to help people find their services and get in touch with their business here’s an example page where they showcase their list of services people can easily view the services tab and check the services available for their customers the public figure template is designed to help reach their supporters and communicate their message too you can see on this page the reviews tab show feedbacks from other people and also the videos and photos of this public figure next the restaurants in cafes template is designed to highlight photos and important information about your restaurant’s menu hours of operation and your location the primary button get directions and that will be displayed once you have set your business location the video page template is designed for video creators to showcase their video content on their page you can see the live videos and group tabs

Which are prioritized in this template you can also spotlight your featured videos  your videos are on the first part of your page and people can click on the play button and watch the videos right away next the standard template is the default page template for most pages that are newly created below you can see the tabs that are enabled on your page and the order in which they will appear on the top section of your page in this page the visible tabs are services events reviews and the other tabs are grouped under the more,

Tab you may notice that there are tabs which are not relevant to the page that you have created we can remove these irrelevant tabs under the more tab and arrange the order of how these tabs are shown on our page just drag a tab in the position that you want it to be shown the tabs in the order that we prefer now that you know and You Can Grow Your Page With Facebook Templates. we can now proceed to the next topic

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