Whatsapp introduce new video messages feature for users

Whatsapp introduce new video messages feature for users

Meta- possessed WhatsApp is working on another amazing point for its druggies that would allow them to shoot videotape dispatches to their connections, WaBetaInfo reported.

The new point will be available for afuture update of the app for iOS. The point, called videotape dispatches, is under development and isn’t yet ready to be released.

Through this point, druggies will be suitable to record andsend short vids of over to 60 seconds to their connections with the camera button.

This point is a new way for druggies to communicate with their musketeers and family. ” Video dispatches on WhatsApp will work also to state notes, but with the added benefit of capturing and sharing videotape content,” said WaBetaInfo.

With the help of videotape dispatches, you can convey your feelings andexpressions in a better way compared to transferring a voice communication of the textbook.

This point may bemore applicable at times rather than transferring a textbook communication or a voice note. When a stoner wants to show someone how to use a new product or explain commodity visually, he can use this point.

In cases like this, videotape dispatches can play a morecomprehensive part in communication. WhatsApp always makes sure to insure the sequestration of its druggies and the videotape dispatches will also be end- to- end translated.

No bone would be suitable to see your dispatches including the app, end- to- end translated. ” In addition, it wo n’t be possible to save or further videotape dispatches to other exchanges for added sequestration, but screenshots are still allowed,” said the app- tracking website.

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