WhatsApp Features.

WhatsApp Features.

So even though other applications like telegram are way more advanced chat apps for the billions of users that use WhatsApp here are some really cool new nifty features.

let’s get into it.
Top right hand corner if you click on it it says this photo is set to view once and as the name would suggest you can only view it one time so when sending messages if you want to use this feature simply click on the attach button then go to your photo and video library select your photo and once you’ve typed in your message all that Jhoone right over here
you’ll see this little one icon and if you tap on that it’ll set this photo and message to view once then of course you can go ahead and send the message and then when the other person goes to view the photo they’ll only see it that one time and will never be able to open it again this feature works for both photos and videos but unfortunately nothing else and also don’t be too certain when sending these new ones photos or videos because the other person can actually screenshot them and save to the gallery just keep that in mind when sending these viewers photos or videos you know what I’m saying now i know for a fact we all have that one friend or family member
that send the longest voice notes and sometimes it just takes up too much time trying to listen to it and all that jazz so this new feature is super nifty and i freaking love it so here is exactly what I’m talking about you get a message from a friend you open it up check out the voicemail and you realize oh my goodness this voice note is pretty long i need to get going well right over here is this little one times icon and if you click on that it’ll speed up the voice message you can speed it up even more to two times faster and if you can’t see this yet just make sure your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version okay now in the past
if you ever missed a group WhatsApp video call you would have to go into the chat message everyone tell them you’re there they would have to hang up the chat then recall everyone
Basically it was a giant mission but now with this new feature it is so much better so generally when you receive a video call on WhatsApp this is what things look like you can of course chat with your friends and move things around but as i mentioned the problem comes in when you actually miss this call so let’s just say you’re super busy you cannot take this call right now and you decide to click the ignore button but then later on you want to rejoin the call well now you can just click on the calls icon right at the top you will see the active video call between your friends
and if you tap on it you’ll be prompted to join and if you click on that the bam you’re straight away back in the main video call with all your friends so no more hanging up and re-dialing thank goodness now for those of you who have been using WhatsApp for a long time I’m pretty sure you will remember those bland boring stickers like these coffee ones and these dog ones they just had no movement or anything that interesting but now if you click on that plus icon under stickers you will see a bunch of new sticker packs and the awesome part is 99 of them are animated
so once you find one you like go ahead click download then hello check out these awesome animated stickers there are also so many different packs to choose from so definitely go ahead and check these out  now another really cool and nifty thing that WhatsApp have done is stick a search and suggestions so once you head on over to the stickers section right over here you’ll see that search icon and at the top is where you will now see a bunch of sticker suggestions so whether you click on love greetings or happy all the stickers relating to that category will appear
and then you can just pick and choose or if you’re not happy with any of their categories you can just go ahead search for what it is you’re looking for like laugh and again all the stickers with laughing or smiling in it will appear and you can just go ahead and send that straight away now a really cool nifty feature on WhatsApp is you can video and voice call right from your computer this feature wasn’t available for the longest time and oh my goodness I am so glad it is here so in the top right hand corner you’ll now see a video icon and if you tap on that straight away it’ll start video calling that contact it uses your computer’s built-in webcam as well as speakers and microphone
But you can use just about any webcam or camera just by clicking those three little dots and then here you can choose your camera and microphone output then right next to the video icon you will see a call icon and again if you tap on that straight away it’ll call your contact and the other cool thing is while on these calls you can actually chat with your contact and send a bunch of messages back and forth now while on the topic of WhatsApp desktop we have got to talk about the new picture editing update

If you go ahead and attach a picture from your desktop right at the top you’ll see all these new tools that you can use to edit your pictures so straight from that toolbar you can add emojis you can add stickers text and even use the paint tool so i decided to add a little custom sticker of myself you can upsize the size of the stickers place them anywhere you want on the screen and there are a bunch of different text options so whether you want to change the font the background or even the color of the text you can do that all there and again you can choose whatever paint color and size brush you
want to create a really cool pick okay now in the past when you archived a chat it would stay there until you got a new message then it would go back into the main chat section until you had to re-archive it again but not anymore let me show you what i mean if you have a chat for example that you want to remove from the main section you can click hold down and click on that archive button then right at the top you’ll see archived and if you tap on that there is the chat you just archived but now with this new update.
when you get a message from that chat you’ll just see this little one appear next to the archived section and you have to click on it to open things up and access that message but if you don’t like this option though you can choose to toggle it off within settings so once in there you’re going to select the option that says chat and you’ll see the option to keep chats in the archive or not so if you toggle that off the next time you get a message from that archived chat it’ll pop into the main chat section just like this then this new feature is for my iPhone users if you head on over to settings and select chat to walk to the bottom you’ll now see this option that says move chat to android and as the name  would suggest this makes life so much easier when wanting to switch from an iPhone to an android phone and you don’t want to lose any of your previous chats or messages.  

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