Sidhu handed 1-year jail sentence by Indian Supreme Court in decades-old road rage case

Indian cricketer- turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu on Thursday was doomed to a time in jail by the country’s apex court in a 1988″ road rage”case in which one person had lost his life, according to Indian media.

NDTV stated that the 58- time-old would have to surrender before a court to serve a time’s rigorous imprisonment.
therefore, we have allowed the review operation on the issue of judgment. In addition to the fine assessed, we consider it applicable to put a judgment of imprisonment for a period of one time,” the Times of India quoted the supreme court bench as saying.

The Congress leader appeared to accept the verdict, simply twittering that he’d” submit to the majesty of law”.

Sidhu was involved in a bus accident in his motherland of Patiala in the northern state of Punjab in 1988. The also cricketer was criminated of getting into a fight with the tenant of the other bus and beating him up, leading to his death.

The verdict was subsequently challenged in 2006 and the Punjab and Haryana High court had condemned Sidhu of culpable homicide and doomed him to three times in jail, the NDTV report said.

In 2018, the politician had approached the top court, which subsequently set aside the high court order saying there was no validation the man had failed of a single blow. Still, the court held Sidhu shamefaced of causing hurt to a senior citizen and fined him Indian rupees.

Moment, the compass of discipline was enhanced by the apex court while hearing a review plea filed by the victim’s family on the issue of the judgment awarded to Sidhu, Hindustan Times reported.

According to the report, Sidhu had told the court that there was “ no conclusive validation to show that the single fist blow led to the death of the 65- time-old man” and had criminated the victim’s family of making a” vicious attempt” to get the case renewed.

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