Shot dead by sri Lankan police while trying to get fuel in sri lanka

Shot dead by sri Lankan police while trying to get fuel in sri lanka:

In Sri Lanka, police were shot dead by a young man or protesters at the railway station after a petrol pump was shooting and shooting people back A boy shot to stomach.He was a father of two children and he used to support his family by selling vegetables and fruits. He used to support his family. He went to petrol station to get fuel. He had taken his truck for petrol. On that day, his wife received a call informing him that her husband had been injured.

According to the wife, the day she arrived at the hospital, she said that she looked around and did not find her husband. After long time she got news abiut death of her husband.

More people from the division were rushed to the hospital even police because they were injured.

The Sri Lankan youngest boy, 15-year-old Shaneh Hasida, was shot in the arm and said that he was shot in the hand while he was being thrown in gas.

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UN warned the Sri Lankan government that whatever happened there that day was shooting and gas and water were used to evacuate people.

According to the Law student, they were very upset. They were doing protest. According to student, they were doing the product calmly. When he got off, he started pushing them and started pushing them back. He is being locked in by police. He said Why are you arresting us inside?
What is our charge?
What did we do wrong?
What did we break? Besides, they were arresting us. 

They weren’t doing that, they were kidnapping us. It felt like they were forcibly arresting us.

According to the student, he was terrified of the way the police were treating him. Police take the law into their own hands. A Sri Lankan social activist was arrested by police and his ID card was snatched from him and he was being questioned. He asked questions that he had posted on Facebook about government. The BBC reporter asked the boy if this was the only reason he was posting on Facebook, which led to his arrest by the police. The only reason he replied that I was a social activist was to intimidate me not to do anything like that in the next life cycle feature that is why they were intimidating me too. To make me silent about government.

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