Amazing Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 ultra upcoming

Hello guys what’s up hope you all are great and welcome back to another informatic and exciting article because we have some major breaking news here about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series that I just could not hold for myself. We have some exclusive 5K renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra courtesy of on leak or you know Steve H McFly via and some of you may be familiar with both he or she or you know the day or the accounts are generally spot on.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 ultra Leaks

When it comes down to their leaks as it relates to Samsung so what you are looking at here is very much what you should be expecting to see coming from Samsung about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. I’m sure that you get a pretty good idea of what the design language is going to be like what’s going to follow with the Galaxy Tab S9 ultra or plus and also the regular Samsung Galaxy type S9.

Samsung Galaxy tab s9 ultra

What’s coming down the road simply because I have shared some of the leaked images that look just like what you see here in this article but we’re simply still images. now here’s some additional information as it pertains to this model the Samsung Galaxy tab S9 Ultra specifically just like the current generation you’ve noticed this is what I’m using as opposed to my regular Samsung Galaxy type S8 but anyway so just like the current generation it’s going to be boasting that same gigantic 14.6 inches Super AMOLED display.

It will feature the same resolution as a matter of fact 1848 by 2960 so expect that same super high-quality display that you have right now on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. it will also support High refresh rate as well as HDR 10 plus and just like you probably guessed already it still will be ultra-thin you also have that super large battery the same that you have here at 11200 milliamps that is also fast charged at up to 45 watts which when I think about it I’m thinking to myself come on Samsung you could do better.

I mean OnePlus pad is actually doing 67 Watt and something as advanced as this you should be able to match that but anyways we’ll wait and see. Now the gorilla glass rating level of protection that will be used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has not leaked just yet so we also will have to wait and see.

It’s set to have that same dual camera setup you know on the back there along with an LED flash so it will again mimic what you have here although the design language itself has changed the setup will mirror what you have on the S8 Ultra here also the specific full camera specs for the Samsung Galaxy tab S9 Ultra have not leaked so we cannot speculate on that either so the Assumption right now it may match. What we have here the next thing we know is that you have a quad-speaker setup tuned by AKG you have a USB type-c port for fast charging and still stay with the physical attributes here.

Samsung Galaxy tab s9 ultra

There’s been some speculation whether the upcoming iteration of the S9 series will be the one to see the removal of the micro SD card that we currently have and that came about when we were all looking at the renders. The previous ones could not 0.2 deep micro SD card so my hope is that the reason why we don’t see it here is simply that these are renders and not the actual thing right given that renders are supposed to just be as close as possible to the real thing with some you know negligible differences or you know omissions in our case.

You know they’re admitted to at this part that’s my hope I mean the way we saw it disappear on the Galaxy phones just felt like a joke and speaking of phones to those of you currently in the market for Flagship phones again I’ve talked about this already. If you’re currently in the market for the Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra which is of course the best phone on the market right now this week has been the best week to purchase one on Monday.

Anyway so the base internal stories from the reports are pointing to 256 gigs along with eight gigs of RAM by the way we are back on the Samsung Galaxy tab S9 Ultra here so 256 gigs is eight gigs of RAM and to be honest I was actually kind of hoping for a base 12 gigs of RAM for this in either case you do have the option to go for you know.

Samsung Galaxy tab s9 ultra

The next level config you know the other configurations are going to be higher you know the higher you go on storage of course you’re going to go higher on RAM and it’s been reported to go up to 16 gigs a ram another thing worth mentioning here about the upcoming galaxy type S9 series which is by the way a new thing is going to be the ip68 rating that now the tablet will support this is something that that’s pretty new and different for Flagship tablets.

Now we’ve seen tablets you know that with dust and water resistant but it’s actually pretty new for something in this particular segment of the tablet industry finally of course and I know many of you have your mouth open waiting for this part to hear about when this guy here will drop unfortunately all that has been confirmed so far is that we will see it drop this summer and this will be as specific as we get so far simply because Samsung is also planning the drop of the Z line.

They watch six and other things so we have to wait some more in order to hear about the specific date but so far we know that it’s the summer. One last thing and cannot emphasize this enough everything that I have just shared here about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra here should give you a glimpse of what to expect from the other model. So I saw the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus and the regular Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra so this is a good Glimpse now let’s wait and see when we will have this beautiful thing in our hands. Hope now you are able to know the leaks and something about the Samsung Galaxy tab s9 ultra you can get in touch with this site for more updates you can also share this with your friends.

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