OnePlus 11 Oxygen OS 13 A.10 Update includes some hidden

OnePlus has started rolling out Android 14 for OnePlus 11. In this article, we’ll talk about the changes of Android 14 and we’ll also going to talk about the bugs present on this build. So let’s talk about the Os info and installation, subscription, and basic functions. I should also mention this device is the latest launched mobile phone by the famous brand OnePlus and this device has incredible features so let’s come to our point OnePlus has started rolling out Android 14 for OnePlus 11.

Oneplus 11 Update Os info and Basic Functions

OS info & Installation:

Grabe your OnePlus 11 on which you just installed the Android 14 developer preview one if you go to the About section. It will still say Oxygen OS 13 but if you go to the Android version it says Android 14 which comes with the 5th April 2023 security patch and we get to see Android 13 Easter egg instead of Android 14. It’s just an Android 14 with Oxygen OS 13 skins and the build number also says if you guys wish to install then you need to install it manually but I don’t recommend anyone install it on their primary phone for testing purposes you guys can proceed so there you can see there is a file present on OnePlus 11. Once you download the file you just have to go to the settings about section tap on version tap on build number 7 times until you see you are a developer.

Now after that, you have to go back and tap on oxy and Os and from there you need to tap on those three dots you’ll get an option of local install tapping on it. Now you can select the file which you have downloaded once you select it the installation process will automatically start the file size is somewhere around 5.6 GB and it’s a developer preview. so don’t expect stability and every feature of Android 14.

Basic function:

content with quality so first of all talking about the basic functionalities which work fine like calling Wi-Fi, fingerprint, Bluetooth, Etc. we’ll be testing it more in-depth and keep you guys posted now talking UI Changes & Features about some of the UI changes basically there are no major changes in the UI. If you compare it with oxygen OS 13 or 13.1 and one of the changes I noticed and that’s in the status bar icon so whenever you use the alert slider to switch between different modes you can see the vibration icon is a little bit different compared to oxygen OS 13.

There you can see on the phone the difference towards the left-hand side I have my OnePlus 10 Pro which is running Oxygen OS 13 and towards the right-hand side OnePlus 11 the vibrator icon is completely different now and also the text present in the status bar is quite smaller compared to oxygen OS 13. Icons are bigger but
the text is small.

Next change what you guys will notice and that’s the lock screen here you can see the music player on the lock screen it’s quite large compared to Oxygen OS 13 on 13 it was Compact and you also get to see this wavy format which we have seen on Pixel smartphones and on this build. You’ll notice some kind of bloatware stuff if you go to Launcher settings and scroll down under the control wallpaper there’s an option for a lock screen magazine which is not present on OnePlus 10 and I hope OnePlus doesn’t add this thing in the beta stable builds.

Though you can add 9 in photos from the gallery and if you want the system to automatically choose that can also be done from there also we get to see the predictive gestures from Android 14 and that can be found in the developer settings by default it’s disabled so you need to enable it first. you can see there’s an option in the developer settings which is called predictive back animation and if you enable it now you can see this predictive gesture in action right now.

This only works for the settings page and if you restart the device this will stop working you have to again disable and enable it again. Now pip mode does have these rounded Corners instead of that squarish which we get to see on Oxygen OS 13 or 13.1 on the settings page I wasn’t able to discover anything new in this short period but I’ll try to find out more changes and Keep you guys updated.

We don’t get to see any new feature from Android 14 related to privacy and security and not even in the battery section. It’s just the name of Android 14 with Oxygen OS 13 skins nothing else in the future we might get to see more add-ons with UI changes which will be obviously Oxygen OS 14 skin.

Now let’s talk about Bugs some of the bugs I have noticed during my usage I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if this is how it’s going to be you can see the notification panel. The first notification corners on the top side are more curved compared to the bottom one I don’t consider it as a bug this might be the design in the notification panel another bug is the layer 2 alert slider. Whenever we switch the alert slider or you can say change the different modes we don’t get to see the pop-up which generally used to appear towards the right-hand side where the alert slider is placed and you won’t have the option to add your OnePlus account.

If I try to add the OnePlus account that doesn’t get added on this developer preview though it was already added before but soon I installed this build it automatically got removed and if you go to settings user and accounts here we don’t have the option to add the account also which is
of OnePlus.

The next bug is the layer to YouTube so whenever you start to play any video the entire system starts to lag you will see the Jitters while scrolling around even if I use the volume panel that also lags a lot so this is another issue which is layer to YouTube and after that, if you try to switch between the guest mode and user mode the device UI is completely unresponsive.

so I was testing out this thing and my entire device was unresponsive later I had to restart the device to fix it and later you’ll also notice this random pop-up that says STD ID keeps stopping camera also seems to be laggy but you can click pictures towards the left-hand side you will see that screen recording switching between different modes this screen blacks out for few milliseconds.

But still, the camera is usable and there are some known issues that OnePlus have mentioned on their forum and if you see the last one which says the screen flashes when taking pictures with the front camera in WhatsApp but for me, I had no issues I tried testing out this and it was working fine. so guys this was all about the Android 14 developer preview for OnePlus 11.

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