Nuka world power plant.

Nuka world power plant.
Welcome to fallout 4 the good ending how the hell do you turn on the power all right so I’m assuming you did the good run if you choose to do the evil run then things are a bit different if you choose to do the evil run of the nuke world and become the ultimate raider god and leak into the commonwealth and then start taking territory in the commonwealth it’s not a shocker there I think that’s a spoiler you’ve probably seen that one coming but if you choose to go about it that way then just wait do the story get settlements and then at one point it will unlock and you’ll be taken to this location now this location if you do the good ending from my knowledge isn’t explicitly set.

So currently have done the good ending and have wondered how the hell you turn on the power well Bethesda says explore unless you want to be an evil bastard then they’re going to tell you but no most of you guys actually probably said screw that I’m not going to spend 10 hours running around and alas and therefore you did the good ending for those of you guys who are completely confused about the Segway in order to do the good ending in fallout Nuka world you need to complete this quest called open season in which you acquire this quest is in the market go to the market talk to all the vendors and you’ll get this quest.

It doesn’t work that way one particular npc has it but I don’t want to spoil it so just go do that complete the crazy objective she has for you in which this is kind of a spoiler but one raider boss will die three will die if you complete the quest but anyways not the point the thing I’m trying to get at is you need to at least kill one raider boss and that essentially destroys the whole chain of events of Nuka world becoming the raider person the raider boss so therefore it’ll force you into the good ending and therefore the door in this special location will actually be unlocked.

Now the power station in general is located here on the map it is right beside Nuka galaxy spawn there and then walk your way to the road you guys can kind of see I’m trying to point it out with my cursor anyways make your way there all that is awaiting you within that building is some ghouls kill the ghouls and start making your way up then when you finally get to a ladder climb up the ladder you’ll be at the top of the roof and then find your way into there.
Now this door right there will be locked if you have not killed a raider boss if you kill the raider boss it magically is unlocked and you can just go in as you please now from this point it’s pretty simple you just walk up to the button hit the button and Nuka will turn on tiny tip make sure it’s dark out it’s a way better show and there you go essentially the power is turned down now besides adding some neat factor to everything from what I gather a lot of the machines don’t actually turn on or allow you to interact with most of them there are there are a couple in the kitty kingdom that allow you to like squirt a squirt gun sorry and you can actually see like the your score going up but at a base level it doesn’t do much at least from what i gather i thought at least maybe you would like activate a series of events where you can start rebuilding Nuka worlds slash making money with the rides or something.

But now it didn’t really do that hopefully a mod author in the future fixes that for me at least that’s my problem I see in the in the dlc but anyways guys that’s brings us to the end of the article that was how to turn on the power particularly if you did the good ending again if you did if you’re doing the bad ending and you’re wondering how this happens just proceed with the questline talk to shank do his quest he will give you a mission and then there it will take you to this location. so that is Nuka world power plant. read more

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