Johnny Depp was ‘jealous of Nicolas Cage when young’, claims friend

Johnny Depp was ‘jealous of Nicolas Cage when young’, claims friend:

Johnny Depp’s contended‘ jealous band’ had him begrudging Nicolas Cage when he was a youthful star in Hollywood, Depp’s former stylish friend Bruce Witkin told court on Thursday.

In apre-recorded deposit played in court on Thursday, Witkin revealed that he’d a close fellowship with Depp that gauged over four decades before Depp dropped him some four times agone.
He also witnessed “ He (Depp) can surely have a jealous band in him.”

Witkin went on to claim that when Depp was a youthful star in Hollywood, he was also‘ jealous ‘of fellow Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage.
He also said that Depp’s jealous band spiked again when he married Heard in 2015, saying that he was prone to‘ working himself up ‘if Heard was down photographing with ‘some other joe or if she was doing commodity where he couldn’t be around to keep an eye on her’. read more

About Johnny Depp
 short intro:
Johnny Depp world most popular Hollywood actor and senior actor he did so many hits movie, Like pirates of Caribbean which is always in top of the line number one movie, The demon barber of fleet street, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

About Amber Heard short intro
Amber Heard Hollywood female actress, She did many movies to be appreciates, Like Drive Angry, The Danish Girl, The ward. All the boys love Mandy lane,3 days to kill, And Zombieland.

Nicolas cage short intro:
Nicolas cage is one best actor in Hollywood no one other is like Nicolas cage, But he’s also a surprisingly versatile actor capable of bringing a little batshit energy to blockbusters, or turning in strange, subtle performances in smaller indie movies., He did many movies like, Leaving Las Vegas, Mandy, Pig, Red Rock West, Adaptation, Face/Off, Raising Arizona, The Rock

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