Johnny Depp allegations against Amber Heard rejected.

Hollywood actress Amber Hoard’s expert substantiation Dr. Richard Moore, an orthopedic surgeon, has putatively rejected Johnny Depp claims after the jurors were shown graphic prints of (Johnny Depp) Depp’s bloody cutlet as case proceeded on Monday.

The seven- person jury hearing the case heeded to evidence from two croakers called as substantiations by Heard ´s platoon and from a Hollywood assiduity expert.
Dr. Richard Moore was called as an expert substantiation for Heard. read more

Moore, Who reviewed Depp’s medical records, said he didn’t believe Depp’s injury was sustained in the way the actor described.

Moore said he believed it was rather a” crush injury,” though he conceded under questioning from Depp’s attorneys that he couldn’t say for sure what happed to the cutlet.
Heard had witnessed that she allowed Depp might have injured himself when he smashed a wall- mounted phone into” smithereens” during their argument that night in Australia, where Depp was photographing the fifth” Rovers” movie.

Depp had claimed the tip of the middle cutlet on his right hand was disassociated when Heard threw a vodka bottle at him while the couple were in Australia. read more

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About Johnny Depp short intro:
Johnny Depp world most popular Hollywood actor and senior actor he did so many hits movie, Like pirates of Caribbean which is always in top of the line number one movie, The demon barber of fleet street, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

About Amber Heard short intro
Amber Heard Hollywood female actress, She did many movies to be appreciates, Like Drive Angry, The Danish Girl, The ward. All the boys love Mandy lane,3 days to kill, And Zombieland.

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