JBL Quantum 50 Review – With Detailed Thoughts

Let’s start the JBL Quantum 50 review A to Z

Believe it or not wired earbuds are still an incredibly valuable option today and the market when it comes to gaming has some of the best options out yet.

I did my first impressions over the JBL quantum 50 review but how do I feel about them today first what I love the reason why I love that so much is these are the only pair of gaming earbuds that I have that use a braided cable.

The standard cable like a rubberized coated cable isn’t the end of the world but a braided Audio Quality cable is so light. It’s so flexible and it really takes a lot of tension off your ears.

Next is what is arguably the most important part of any set of gaming earbuds and that’s audio. When I first put them on and played Apex I really expected them to be very base heavy but to my surprise, they’re not at all.

They definitely still have bass there but they’re extremely balanced and then when it comes to just playing casual games like they’re they sound incredible. If you need spatial audio you hear that just fine but if you’re playing a game that has a lot of explosions a lot of booms and everything it all turns out extremely well and then for me the biggest relief I got these is Stay In Place.

The fact that these earbuds stay in place is something I couldn’t say about the Logitech g333s even with lots of movement they just stay right in the place where they’re supposed to and that’s definitely something that wins my heart over with any set of earbuds and then Mic.

The mic on these things is absolutely incredible now personally I would never use an inline mic anyways even though this one does sound really good but once again it sounds way better than I think an inline mic Inline Controls ever should.

One last feature that I really liked about this is actually the inline controls now some of the other earbuds on do have some inline controls but usually just little clicky buttons whereas this one actually has a little slider for volume. it has a slide up and down to mute the mic and then this mysterious button on the back that I still can’t find any use for.

It’s there but although there were a lot of Comfort things that I liked about this headset there are also some things that I dislike the comfort over time I would definitely say starts to go down on these usually at about the one-hour to the two-hour mark.

Now I won’t say that they hurt my ears but it just feels like they start to build up a lot of pressure so whenever I do take them out it just feels like a bit of relief and then when I put them back in. It’s you know they’re good to go again but what’s possibly my biggest Cable Noise gripe with these is the cable noise like when you have these on if it’s brushing against your shirt.

If it’s brushing your beard or anything like that you’re going to hear every single bit of that traveling through this part of the cable which is not braided right here now say Cable Noise Comparison with the Hyperx cloud earbuds I didn’t have that issue at all I actually never heard any cable noise from those.

You do hear every single bit of cable noise and it can get a little old after a while now this dislike is probably a little bit subjective but I feel like Design. They have a bit of a bulky design it’s not the worst I’ve seen it’s definitely not as bad as the turtle beach battle buds but they stick out a bit.

They’re gonna kind of ride outside of your ears and then finally White Noise there’s a bit of white noise that comes for these and it’s not with every single device if I plug these into my go xlr it’s fine. But if I plug them directly into my motherboard or even when I was using my Nintendo Switch there’s really faint light.

It’s like just a little slight bit of white noise super strange and tends to go away when you’re actually playing the game but if you’re sitting in the lobby or if you’re just in an instance where there’s no actual game noise you’re probably going to hear some white Comparison noise coming through.

Now if I was to compare these to what has been my favorite set of gaming earbuds yet the cloud earbuds believe it or not I think I would actually pick these over them I do think that fit is a little bit better on the cloud earbuds.

I think the JBLs overall have much better audio and quite honestly you can say whatever you want about JBL Quantum 50 review. when it comes to audio in the gaming space I personally think they’re crushing it right.

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JBL Quantum 50 Features that the company claims (not my opinion)

General Specifications

✓Driver size (mm): 8.6

Audio Specifications

✓Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB): 97

✓Dynamic frequency response range (Hz): 20 Hz – 20 kHz

✓Impedance (ohms): 16


✓Weight (g): 21.5

✓Weight (oz): 76


Built-in Microphone: Yes

Twistlock: Yes

What’s in the box?

✓1 x JBL Quantum 50 headset

✓1 x L/R enhancers

✓3 x sizes silicone ear tips S, M, L

✓1 x Quick Start Guide

✓1 x Warranty Card

Colors and Attributes of JBL Quantum 50

JBL Quantum 50 Earbuds come with good wire and the material of the earbuds is plastic. It’s comfortable to wear because of its in-ear foam which is pretty good and used in good quality.

The colors are Black, White, and Purple.

Jbl Quantum 50 review black color
Black Color
Jbl Quantum 50 review white color
White Color
Jbl Quantum 50 review purple color
Purple Color

My Final Thoughts and Conclusion about JBL Quantum 50

They are worth 30 dollars personally I think I would rather see them with the 20 mark mainly for the fact that they’re not pushing any crazy features and they don’t really come with anything extra in the box. You don’t get a splitter cable so if you want to use these on your pc with the mic you’re going to have to invest in one of those or they’d also don’t come with any type of adapters for iPhone or over USB-C adapter.

But if you primarily play on your switch and you’re wanting a pair of earbuds that can work on any device and sound really good I don’t think you’re gonna be able to beat these plus that mic just sounds way too freaking good for being an inline mic.

Overall The Jbl Quantum 50 is one of the best earbuds for gaming and you can not only use for gaming but also for daily life. Jbl Quantum 50 review and all the features are above mentioned.

What’s your JBL Quantum 50 review?

My JBL Quantum 50 review is that the overall earbuds are good with their sound system and you will be seen good quality in Earn foam which makes users more comfortable.

What’s you see main features during the JBL Quantum 50 review?

The features of the JBL Quantum 50 review are that its sound quality is one of the best features and its wire is pretty good. The earbuds come in three colors black, white, and purple.

What are the main thoughts on the JbL quantum 50 review?

the main thoughts of JBL quantum 50 reviews are that They are worth 30 dollars personally I think I would rather see them with the 20 mark mainly for the fact that they’re not pushing any crazy features and they don’t really come with anything extra in the box.

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