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Well, whether it’s be personally or whether it’s another broker because we are a general insurance brokerage you know you get your right to ask well what is that what does an insurance broker do well first of all if we’re asked to find the right product for a group client or an individual client, we can access virtually all insurers so there are literally hundreds of insurance companies.

So as a whole of market insurer broker sorry as a whole of market broker we can access most insurance companies that’s then accessing literally hundreds or thousands of products with hundreds or thousands of benefits if you’re in business do you have time to go directly online and seek out the right level of insurance that meets your needs well if you do good luck to you if you don’t call a broker and he’ll do all the work for so the way I look at it is this firstly I do I am NOT beholding to any individual insurance company I do not work on behalf of the insurance company I have professional relationships with them.

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Yes of course but I look after clients one of the things that’s really important is how well do you know your clients how well do you know your their business because if you’re not I’m not saying constantly in touch with but at least reasonably frequently in touch with your client you know you won’t know what changes are taking place in his business and you won’t be able to establish if he has the right level of protection in his business so you get to know your clients you have a relationship with your clients and indeed over many years have enjoyed a personal relationship with your clients whether it’s on the Golf Course or having a beer or whatever but it’s about client focus which incidentally. read more

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