Indian court jails Yasin Malik for life

(Yasin Malik ) An Indian court on Wednesday jugged elderly Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik for life over several charges, including “ terror backing ”, driving road demurrers outside his hearthstone and commination from the Kashmiris diaspora worldwide.

Last week, a special Indian court condemned the 56- time-old president of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front( JKLF) on charges of “ terrorism and backing acts of terror ” after he “ contended shamefaced ” to all the 10 charges. Still, he told the court on Wednesday that he’d been exercisingnon-violent politics after giving up arms in the 1990s.

The prosecutors had demanded of the court to award death penalty but Special Judge Parveen Singh rather doomed him to life under a section of the Unlawful Conditioning Prevention Act. The court said that Malik “ did not want any trial and thus, he was ready to maintain shamefaced ”.

The trial court was designated for cases brought by the National Investigation Agency( NIA), India’s topanti-terrorism disquisition body. NIA had indicted Malik of offences, including waging or trying to wage war against India, and helping raise finances for anyone to “ commit a terrorist act ”.

Malik’s woman Mushaal Hussein Mullick said that the sentencing by a “ kangaroo court ” was illegitimate. “ Verdict in twinkles by Indian kangaroo court, ” she wrote on Twitter. “ The iconic leader will noway surrender, ” she added.
The JKLF said it was agitating the situation expiring from Malik’s sentencing to formulate a new strategy. Still, JKLF Vice Chairman Khawaja Saif Din advised that India had impelled the Kashmiris to take up arms against it again.

“ We’ll take a decision on what strategy we’ve to borrow following the life imprisonment of our leader, ” Khawaja said. “ Our group was holding accommodations with the Indian government for the result of the Kashmir issue. But moment, India has impelled Kashmiris to again take up arms against it. ”
In Srinagar, the main megacity of the Indian Immorally Enthralled Jammu and Kashmir( IIOJK), authorities disassociated internet connections and police fired tear gas shells and bullets to disperse gravestone- casting protesters outside Malik’s hearthstone, who were crying taglines demanding his freedom.

Original politicians in IIOJK said that the verdict was a reversal to peace sweats. “ We’re hysterical that this will further compound the misgivings in the region and will only fuel more disaffection and separatist passions, ” a group of parties said in a statement. Crowds also gathered in Azad Jammu and Kashmir( AJK) to call for Malik’s release.
Humble roots

A former pupil activist from humble roots, Malik led one of the first groups of the Kashmiri fighters. He was first arrested in 1990 by Indian forces and has spent several times in different jails since. He said he was tortured for times in colorful Indian detention centres.

Malik led hundreds of fortified fighters until 1994 when he renounced violence to crusade peacefully for the emancipation of Kashmir. He has since campaigned for Kashmir’s right to tone- determination as president of the JKLF.

Malik has had addresses several times with the Indian government, including with two former high ministers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had declared JKLF an “ unlawful association ” in 2019, the time when India resolve the IIOJK after rescinding the indigenous clauses that granted special status to the region. read more

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