Imran Khan: We will fight against Sharif family, ECP in

Imran Khan: We will fight against Sharif family, ECP in upcoming by-polls:

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Wednesday said his fight is against the Sharif family, unorthodox party members, and the Election Commission of Pakistan( ECP) in the forthcoming by- pates in Punjab.

Speaking at a public gathering in Jhang ahead of the by- pates on July 17, the former high minister contended that Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja meets Maryam Nawaz and Shahbaz

The former premier said that the choices on Sunday will decide the future of Pakistan, adding that the PTI’ll have to win the choices to save the country from” rovers and America’s slaves”.

“Our party is allowing how to prevent elections from rigging.
and preparing the polling agents to stop the attire,” said the PTI president, adding that they( PML- N) backhanders
the agents at the women’s polling stations.
Combined particulars
Imran Khan claims that the coalition parties came to power to end their corruption cases
I’ve no dissensions with ‘ neutrals ’ Imran Khan
No matter what Sharifs do, we will win choices Imran Khan challenges PML- N
The PTI leader further said that his party tried to bring electronic voting machines( EVMs) for transparent choices but they couldn’t be executed.

A day prior, Khan said that the coalition parties hadn’t come into power to reduce affectation but to abolish the corruption cases registered against them.
He declared the forthcoming by- choices in the terrain a “ fight for real independence ”, herding the millions to support him against the “ betrayers and stealers ”.
It’s a “ jihad ” against the stealers assessed on the nation under the US governance- change conspiracy, he added.

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