Imran Khan says ‘police brutality’ on Azadi marchers ‘condemnable and unacceptable’

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has posted on Twitter a videotape montage of alleged police brutality on his Azadi marchers on May 25 and nominated it” condemnable and inferior”.

Imran Khan’s march for haqeeqi Azadi — true freedom — was anteceded by the authorities invoking of Section 144, a measure used to check gatherings. Shipping holders were put in place on major expressways to block their path.
Undeterred by the moves, the marchers, who tried to force through the holders to make their way to Islamabad, were met with tear gas as police tried to disperse them. Police also charged at them with bludgeons.

” Condemnable and inferior,” the former high minister said on Sunday.” Despising the Constitution and Supreme Court orders, this felonious imported government unleashed police brutality on our peaceful Azadi March protesters.”
The night before the march, there were posterior police raids on PTI leaders’ places.” Night before our march, Punjab and Sindh police violated PTI members’ homes, draining the families,” he added.

In one similar raid carried out on the dusk of the march, a bobby was killed. The party and the coalition government criticized each other.
The march ended on March 26 without a sit- heft at D- Chowk, which Imran promised would do until dates for choices are blazoned. In a speech to sympathizers just suddenly of D- Chowk, Imran told the government to advertise dates for the choices, failing which he’d return in six days.

That same day Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif defied Imran’s” dictation” and said in a speech in the National Assembly that the House would decide when choices would be held.
The abrupt end to the important- vaunted long march has since started enterprise on the circumstances that led to its end. Still, Imran has hit back at similar suggestions, averring there was” no deal with the establishment”, and that he pulled back to forestall” bloodshed”, as his sympathizers were” ready” and a” sense of abomination” had surfaced in the wake of the police response.

History, Imran said his party will be moving the Supreme Court on Monday( hereafter) to seek protection for their right to a peaceful kick. He also blazoned soliciting high courts to seek enrollment of cases against those responsible for using force against his party workers during their march on the capital.
“ We’ve decided to take up the matter at all forums, the Supreme Court, the high courts and mortal rights organizations internationally, ” he told a press conference after presiding over the PTI’s core commission meeting. read more

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