Imran Khan demanded the removal of Donald Lou for his “utter arrogance and immorality”

Lu is the central figure in Imran khan’s claims about a US- backed governance change conspiracy that stumbled his government through a no- confidence stir. The PTI president accuses Lu of hanging Pakistan’s former minister Imran khan to the US, Assad Majeed, that a failure to remove Imran khan through a no- confidence vote would herald” consequences “for Pakistan and vice versa.
Imran also alleges that the trouble was made indeed before the no- confidence stir was tabled and it latterly started a chain of events that redounded in his ouster as original abettors and conspirators joined with the claimed conspiracy.

The PTI president repeated his claims in an exclusive interview on CNN programme Connect the World and lashed out at Lu while calling for his sacking.” Imagine telling the minister of a country of 220 million people that you get relieve of your high minister,”he added.

Questioned on why he’d neglected to make his claims public earlier when he was so” specific”about their details, the PTI president said he’d placed the cypher — containing details of the meeting between Lu and Pakistan’s minister — before his press which was latterly presented in a meeting of the National Security Council (NSC).

Host Becky Anderson pushed back against the PTI president and asked him if had gotten in touch with the US chairman or state clerk regarding the matter. Imran didn’t give an answer, rather saying that the NSC meeting had decided to issue a demarche and a kick was registered to the US in Pakistan and Washington.

To a question about Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari’s station on Pak-US relations and whether Imran believed that a good bilateral relationship was in Pakistan’s interest, he responded”I had a impeccably good relationship with the Trump administration. It’s only when the Biden administration came, it coincided with what was passing in Afghanistan and for some reason — which I still do not know — they noway got in touch with me.”

Anderson said the US had”rubbished”the notion that it was involved in a governance change in Pakistan and asked Imran if he” authentically” believed his claim of there being a foreign conspiracy to trip his government.

The PTI president responded that the US delegacy was calling and meeting displeased PTI members indeed before the meeting between Lu and Pakistan’s also minister to the US.”What were they meeting (US officers) for? They were the first bones to jump boat and they were the bones who also offered million bones each to buy my other MNAs who jumped boat latterly on.

Imran said.

Anderson closed the interview with a question on whether Imran would run as a high minister again, to which he prognosticated that the PTI would come the”biggest party in Pakistan’s history because people are so incensed and feel disrespected that these culprits have been palmed over us. there’s wrathfulness in Pakistan. there’santi-Americanism”.

Pertaining to previous exemplifications of contended US- backed governance changes in Iran and South American countries, Imran said resentment increased against the US when unpopular governments were brought to power. “Unfortunately, yes, there ‘Santi-Americanism right now, “he added. read more

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