Hundreds attend vigil for Texas school shooting 

Hundreds of people have attended a vigil in Texas after 19 children and two teachers were killed in a mass shooting at a primary school in the town of ivaldi the attack has reignited the debate over gun laws in the united states from Texas here’s our correspondent nomia iqbal they came for the thoughts and prayers families held each other tightly to try and make sense of the unimaginable they sang and prayed the mood was somber and their grief palpable we’re just grieving of this horrific tragedy so coming together to show the support for each other for the families you know this couple told us their eight-year-old grandson made it out of the school alive i went and checked on my grandson as soon as he saw me he hugged me he was so scared and i cried with the muscle.

So i told him it’ll be okay let me check on your on your classmates and your teacher i know that everybody’s scared but you all will be like this is a community that’s dealing with profound grief and people came here inside the arena in their hundreds usually rodeo shows happen here but tonight there was a prayer vigil and people say this is their way of healing the murder of 19 children and their two teachers has left this country reeling Xavier Lopez was in his fourth year at primary school as was el Garcia and emery joe just 10.

Their teacher ava Morellis died jumping in front of her students they had all been barricaded in one classroom the man who cruelly took their lives was this local teenager 18 year old salvador ramos he sent out messages on social media saying he was going to attack an elementary school he was killed by police it’s the worst school shooting in a decade the death of small children has reignited the polarizing issue of gun control in America and whilst politicians unite in grief they quickly divide on the politics when in god’s name will we do what needs to be done to not completely stop
fundamentally change the amount of the carnage that goes on in this country to state the obvious and Cory and a lot of other people here I’m sick and tired I’m just sick and tired of what’s going on it continues to go on at a press conference Texas governor who is a republican has loosened gun laws.

 he was ambushed by his democratic opponent who accused him of doing nothing about gun violence he’s right now and you’re doing nothing no he needs to get his ass out here republicans here say this isn’t about guns they say strict gun control infringes on American people’s constitutional right to bear arms it divides america deeply and even after a horrific shooting that divide deepens not too much into politics.

But i mean something needs to change you know whether it’s something needs to change because it’s ridiculous you know it’s very ridiculous that we’re putting children’s lives in danger and you know it’s just not right this is not about politics it’s you know we’re Americans the second amendment is a part of the second amendment is a part of our liberties to even be in America this is not about politics the gun control is not about politics guns don’t kill people kill people president bidden says he will visit the city in the coming days will this be a turning point in America when it comes to tougher gun laws the grim expectation is either little or nothing will change numerical. read more

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