How Your Data Makes Facebook Billions Of Dollars.

A Question raised on people mind that what Facebook do with our data. and if you don’t know i will tell you so let’s start.

Facebook’s most valuable asset is how well it knows you every post you like every page you follow every friend you make tells Facebook a bit more about who you are and more importantly what you buy or you might vote for last year Facebook made 98 percent

of its revenue on advertising that’s thirty-nine point nine billion dollars advertisers pay for those personal insights to make sure their
messages reach the right audience things go wrong when that data falls into the wrong hands’ the election was bad for Democrats it was worse for Facebook Russian operatives allegedly exploited
the social network to interfere with the US. election an epidemic of bogus social media posts made users question whether they could trust their news feed then revelations that a data firm called Cambridge analytic acquired information on 50 million users through an app that Facebook says was billed as a research tool that tool was essentially a personality test he took on Facebook both what users didn’t know when you took the quiz and also called your friends Facebook profiles for data that changed in 2014 Facebook made changes to give developers stricter policies when it came to

accessing our data but years later it became clear the damage was done and it’s unnerving to think that researchers can learn so much about us from our social media profiles it’s even more disconcerting that a political campaign could buy access to those insights without our knowledge but none of that’s new it’s called micro targeting and political campaigns have been doing it for years in 2016 Donald Trump’s campaign paid Cambridge analytic a million to target voters back in 2012.

Barack Obama’s team of data scientists were widely credited with helping him win but there’s a thin line between micro targeting and manipulation and regulators in Washington are looking to draw that line they’re also calling for more transparency more accountability as Facebook takes yet another hit some are calling on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Congress sources inside Facebook tell me that they think more regulation is necessary when it comes to a standard for online advertising as it stands there’s barely any it’s a pivotal moment for the tech giant Facebook has an extraordinary ability to influence it’s two billion users and now its impact will come under greater scrutiny as we head into the midterm elections.  

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