How to turn on active status on Instagram

Hallow! Every one hope you all good status on Instagram hmm so every people put status on Instagram for joy and for attraction of people But some people don’t know that there is option which is turn on active status on Instagram there you hide your last seen and more some of people don’t want to share there information to other or don’t want to reply someone want and there you can find many things to do ok let’s come to the point
If you don’t know that how to turn on then don’t warry in this article I will tell you about this so let’s start it.

How to turn on active status on Instagram:
So the process to turn on active status on Instagram is quite easy and simple and it is similar for android as well as our iOS devices so what you need to do is simply go and open up Instagram app there we go and once the app is open go and tap on this profile icon at the right bottom corner this would open up your profile and once here tap on these three lines at the right top corner now go and tap on settings inside settings you’ll be able to see privacy here you can see privacy tap on privacy under the privacy.
If you scroll down a bit here you can see activity status tap on activity status now it says show activity status allow accounts you follow and anyone you message to see when you were last active so if you want to turn on the active status simply go and turn this on now go back go to your home now you can see uh others will be able to see uh your active status on Instagram so hope I doing so you’ll be able to uh turn on the active status on Instagram.

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