How to turn off twitter sensitive content.

Hi everyone in this article I will tell you about how to turn off twitter sensitive content some of people don’t want to see and read sensitive content in twitter because its also depends on interest and some of people have bad feelings about to see sensitive content but those don’t know how to turn off on twitter, I will tell you in this article so let’s start it.

How to turn off twitter sensitive content.

So the process to turn off twitter sensitive content is quite easy and simple and it is similar for android as well as iOS devices so if you’re using your twitter app on your android or iPhone there is no direct way to turn off the sensitive content on twitter so what we need to do is we need to go to the browser so for example in my case I’ll go to chrome here we go and now go to make sure that you are logged in with your account and once you are logged in.

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You need to go and tap on your profile icon at the left top corner and once you’re here simply go and scroll down a bit and here you’ll see settings and privacy tab on this one inside settings and privacy, There you can see privacy and safety tap on privacy and safety under that you’ll be see seeing content you see use you see so tap on content you see now here you at the top you have one option that is name that is with display media that may contain sensitive content so check mark this.

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And now at the bottom you can see search settings tap on this one now it says hide sensitive content uncheck this and it says save search setting updated go back now the whole settings go to your home and now the whole setting is turned off that is turn off the sensitive content now you can already go to your app and you can enjoy it from there so there will be no content of sensitive there the sensitive content will be turned off so by ho by doing so you’ll be able to turn off the sensitive content setting but before you go please comment to give your feedback. read more

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