How to see your Facebook password

So I log in a then in Facebook we cannot see our password I mean I login password right we can just our password to settings let me tell you security and login and you can see we can just change your password right but we cannot see our login password from Facebook right but don’t worry in this blog you will read how to see Facebook password

Login Facebook password easily you can see everything password of your Facebook you have,
Let me tell you the first process but before doing that you must sure you have one Google or Gmail account login in your devices so let me check it from my settings let me tell you in Gmail account in your Google in your phone, so you can see I can one Gmail address login into your device already okay and device already so you must have one kinds of Gmail ID in your phone first so let me tell you the process actually so the first process will be just go to your Gmail application there.

So click on it and make sure just click on that image icon in there and you can see I have got one Gmail ID in that Gmail application right so just strap on it and just you can see in there manage your Google account right so just click on it and after that just so you just write and you can see in there security option and just is called bottom and you can see in there password manager right and you can also see you have 13 password 17 year Google account I have already starting password so click on it and then assume you can see your accounts already logged in.
So verify it’s you so you can see you have ID in there and also your password right now you don’t know you because this is your privacy, so you can see also right 3.7 ID and 3 password in there okay so this is the first way for watching or for finding your login of Facebook password and if it doesn’t if you doesn’t get it that time let me tell you the second process and which is just install a Google Chrome browser in your phone

But if you already have one and then it’s okay so click on the Google Chrome and check that you can see in there 3 dot line so you just click on it and make sure one thing again just you can see you have got your Gmail ID in Google Chrome browser also you can see you have your Gmail ID so make sure you have already one Gmail ID in there okay so just click on the three routine and you can see settings so just click on it and then just click on the password in there and scroll down and you can also see you have four accounts in there okay so let me click anyone of it and you can see my ID and my password in there if you click on that you can touch your password will be shown but right now
you don’t do it so you can find your login Facebook password so this can sub two ways okay and one more thing especially when you will login your Facebook ID in this Facebook application through this Facebook application that time maybe it will ask for save your information and save your password right and that time you must have click on the ok option okay otherwise you will not get your login Facebook password to this way okay so if you save your password when you login your Facebook id that thing I mean in later you can easily find your login Facebook password so thank you so much for reading,

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