How to react on WhatsApp messages

How to react on WhatsApp messages?
There are a lot of WhatsApp updates in WhatsApp, but this time WhatsApp introduced a new practice that we could send any comments on Instagram or Messenger Facebook, such as going to Messenger and texting anyone. Couldn’t have done it. We read our newly updated WhatsApp message and like it. Someone like it can also comment on it. By texting, we can iron the emojis that used to kill us there. I don’t know you or you don’t know how to update your WhatsApp or not but I will tell you how you can do it in what messages in your WhatsApp.

The first processes to make sure that you have an updated WhatsApp app because this is a recent update that is brought to WhatsApp so in case of Android or iPhone simply go to play store app store so I will go to app store in case if you have Android you can go to Play store WhatsApp simply go and search for WhatsApp and here make sure that it is the option is open.
So in case if there is an option for updates simply go and update that already updated so I would simply jump on WhatsApp and what I will show you as how to react so in case if you want to get simply go and tap on that message for a while and you will be able to see multiple options here so you can tap on any Android WhatsApp messages so that is the How to react on WhatsApp messages.

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Straight off the bat if you want is a really cool new feature so if you get a message from someone and you see this type of notification this is a view once a photo you’ll also know that by this little icon in the top right hand corner if you click on it it says this photo is set to view once and as the name would suggest you can only view it one time so when sending messages if you want to use this feature simply click on the attach button then go to your photo and video library select your photo and once you’ve typed in your message all that jhoone right over here want read this. click here

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