How to find blocked people on Facebook

How to find blocked people on Facebook ?

How to find blocked people on Facebook the process is really simple and it is similar for Android as well as for iOS users so nothing to worry about if you are on Android first make sure that your connected with the internet and once you are connected with Internet go and tap on your Facebook application so once your open your Facebook application tab on this menu I can locate it on the right bottom corner of your screen when you or Facebook so once you tap on this your main menu of Facebook account will be opened scroll down below and tap on settings in privacy option a drop down when you will be opened after that tap on the 21st option settings
So once you open settings and privacy menu of Facebook scroll down clothing you see the option of blocking so under the heading of audience invisibility you can say the second last option is blocking that so here you can see the block list and block people or block people on your Facebook account you can tap on unblock if you want to unlock people on Facebook.

How to didactive Facebook account:
If you want to again login to your account you can simply go and login to your account and your account will be active again so it is not something that your account will be deleted it will be hidden so you can append account and tap on continue account derivation and it says pages and profiles that will be reactivated so that will be listed happen continue so enter the password and tap on continue and once you do so your Facebook account will be deactivated so hope it will help you to deactivate Facebook account. click here to complete reading this.

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