How to change language in Facebook

How to change languages in Facebook many peoples of world want to use their own language but some people don’t know how to change the language so here it is you can be able to change language after reading this.

How to change language on Facebook app and make sure you are signing and then go to three horizontal lines on top right now scroll down it will be and tab settings and privacy tab language by default device language selected now choose your language from the list provided select your desired language from this list to make the change that’s it Facebook language changed so you start to change language on Facebook app. 

Android and IOS:
Process of changing the language on Facebook is quite easy and simple and it is similar for Android as well as I was tap so you don’t need to worry if you are an any simply open up your Facebook and make sure that you are not your account on Facebook and once here you need to go and tap on these three lines write bottom corner in case of Android top corner there once you are invention you need to call now until you see settings and privacy and in here you can see app language in case of iPhone.

It will redirect to the app settings of Facebook in iPhone settings and in case of Android it this word give you a similar option to change the language so here you can see prefer language set up on him and here you can select any of the language that you want to set as before language and once you are selected it close it and you need to wait a bit because the whole language my be downloaded one its get done you can see your selected language on your screen.

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