How to cancel Spotify premium.

Hi every one in the article i will tell about how to cancel Spotify premium every people can’t afford to listen paid music so some of people want to off cancel the premium but the can’t and if you don’s know that how to cancel Spotify then do be sad, I will tell every thing about cancel in this article.
Spotify one of the best music app that rank up to high every person’s device has a Spotify app because the joy to listen best thing.

How to cancel Spotify premium.
Process to cancel Spotify premium is an simple and I just saying whether you are on phone or laptop or PC as there is no way to cancel the premium subscription of Spotify on app so we need to go and open the browser so on all the cases whether on phone or laptop you need to go and open up the browser and here you need to search for Spotify and you need to go to please open this app and once you are you need to make sure that you are locked and with your account login with your Spotify account and once you are on your account
There can see the profile so go and click on this top down I can and hear go to account so once you are in accounts call on a bed and here you can see available plans on available plans once here you can see your current Spotify plan and if you just call on a bit you have other plans as well so can see all the plans or listed here and at the bottom you can see cancel
Cancel premium subscription at the bottom so most bottom you have cancel premium and your premium subscription will be cancelled so hopefully it is help you.

If you want to download Spotify you can download here

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