How to boost self confidence 21 Tips to boost your self confidence

how to boost self confidence 21 tips to boost self confidence

How to boost self confidence 21 Tips to boost your self confidence

Friends suppose are wrestler who made a body and he so so Strong everyone afraid of him to see his body but when someone ask him to fight someone he sweating of fear even though he so Strong why it’s happened Because he has low confidence, not believe in his self power then how he can fight. so what advantage of this body it’s worthless that’s why people says it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are how smart you are but you have low self confidence you can’t do anything to be a successful, to fight someone you have to be a true self confidence so I am going to share you not only 7,or 10 tips but sharing 21 simple tips that you can apply by today.

1.Always groom yourself

Having a shave or having haircut grooming your body it’s best type of boost your confidence because if you groom yourself change your look then it increases your self image and self confidence it’s like when you have a haircut or getting ready for special occasions.

2.Dress well

When you dressed up you automatically feels good it’s also phycology and scientifically proven. It doesn’t mean you only need expensive cloths you just keep your clothes well like iron it, clean it well before wearing don’t repeat same dress everyday so it automatically boost your self confidence.

3.create your Best self image

So it’s what like when feels good inside or you thought is good, your image is good inside then your image will be seeing good in outside you have to be prepared mentally accept you have good image mentally then it will show how you confident because your already mentally confident.

4.Kill your negative thought and think positive

What we think that we feels so if we think negative it will show on us or we feels negative
Try to think positive you feels positive, it is necessary that negative happened any time but have to be ready for positive thoughts.

5.Learn to say no

If you not agree with someone or your thoughts not attaché with someone you can say them No it’s boost your self confidence and pride f you say yes to everyone even though that you can’t do it but you say yes it will decrease your value, So don’t be afraid of saying no.

6.Get to know yourself

“Know yourself and you will win all battles”(sun tzu) if you fighting with yourself then your the enemy of yourself, if you can’t find your enemies week point then how can you win battle.

7.Act positive

It is also matters with thinking of positive you also have to take actions, as long as your take positive decisions as long you go far in your life and when your see yourself positive your self confidence increases.

8.Be kind and generous

No matter what you are what have and how rich you are you always have to be a kind person it’s make you confidence if you think your good then confidence boost automatically.

9.get prepared

“One important key to success is self confidence a key to self confidence is preparation” (Arthur Ashe) if you are not prepared and you feels your confident that is your fake confidence but real confidence is what you doing or already prepared and you know what are you doing you believe prepared and get success for example a student prepared for his exam he feels confident that he will perform good in exam.

10.Know your principles and live them

Those who don’t have rules and regulations they stuck in around if you have principles and rules you be best positive person it will provide you a direction and it will give self confidence.

11.Speak slowly

A confident person always speak slowly because he knows that what he has to say he never speak loudly it’s also shows his confidence.

12.stand tall

According to national institute of health around 80% people’s body posture is bad that’s why they get problems one of problem is self confidence become low and those who stand tall who looks more confident and feels.

13.increase competence

Competence means increases your ability, posing your limits, but question raise is how to increase? It comes when you do study make a time table if you master these things then your self confidence increases on it.

14.set a small goal and achieve it.

Put small goals in your life and achieve them ne by one it is help you increases self confidence to get big goals.

15.change a small habits

Changing your bad habits also help to get your goals so if can not suddenly change it make it slowly, take out some time from your daily routine and talk yourself and read books at least one page.

16.focus on solutions

The one thing can boat your confidence is that think about solution than problems don’t stuck with one problem try to solve it, remember “focus on solutions not on problems.”

17.always smile

It most simple and power trick is smiling if you small to your self it feels you good because our Brian makes happy Harmon’s.


Help someone without telling anyone, feed a poor person, just listen to someone’s problem, help someone or donate your blood, anything that will improve the life of the person in front of you, but do it yourself. Don’t tell anyone, keep it to yourself. See, this filling will make you feel great about yourself from the inside.

19.Be grateful

Be grateful for your life. It can change your life because when you think that you are the way you are, everything you have, in any aspect, could have been with you. If it’s not bad, you start to lose confidence by thinking like that


After going to the gym, I don’t lose my confidence, I don’t even think that I will not excise from tomorrow,, his self-confidence decreases, which to increase, he has to go to the gym and exercise and have fun. After he can set the confidence back, he starts thinking bad about himself that he will not do it, maybe he will not do it.

21.empower yourself with knowledge

The person who gets a lot of knowledge can go ahead and become a rude to people, but this does not happen to anyone who doesn’t become rude to grow after knowledge, they become confident, so never stop learning, no matter how much knowledge you have.

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