How Facebook Marketplace Works.

Facebook marketplace allows Facebook users to browse for items that are for sale and browse each category available on the marketplace
It is an effective way to sell products or personal items that users are no longer using some people can use them and buy them at a cheaper price when people search for terms on the marketplace facebook will show similar items that looks the same as the one that the user is looking for marketplace doesn’t have a way to process transactions selling a product on the marketplace is simple you just need a facebook account and create listings for your products

marketplace allows facebook users to upload 10 photos of the items that they are selling so there’s a greater chance that people will discover the posts that anyone will upload on the marketplace you can view a recommended product on the top of your marketplace homepage it shows new for you and the title that you viewed is now a few dollars less whenever you view a product and the seller would lower the price it will show up on the top of your marketplace homepage if you are the seller of this item and a Facebook user has previously viewed this listing your potential buyers will be notified

that your listing is updated with a lower price it is also compatible with mobile devices on your mobile device you can tap on the marketplace icon and view all the product listings in your local area you will see the buttons to sell and browse all the categories available on marketplace you can view the today’s pick which are relevant to the items that you are currently searching for and are posted recently whenever you check out an item you’ll see the photo of the product the price the number of days it was listed and from what location you can see the action button such as buy now or send a message if you click buy now on your mobile device it will redirect you to a secure checkout payment using.
Facebook pay it will show your email address which is shared with a seller the delivery information the payment method via credit card debit card or PayPal and below it will show the total order and the shipping price you can buy or sell items by location to find items to purchase in a specific location set the filter to a specific location that you desire input the name of the city pick a radius then click apply then you can view all the items for sale in location and start looking for items to sell items in a specific location create a new listing and below input the location where you want the product to be

visible dealing with transactions as a seller you can post your products or used items on marketplace and place them under a category as people browse that category they might stumble upon your product listing and decide to buy it if they’re interested once they’re decided to buy from you.
You can talk about how the buyer can pay for the item in cash or online transfer and how the buyer can receive the item if they will pick it up at your house your store or arrange a meet application if an item is not sold yet you can expect to receive a message from Facebook marketplace assistant asking about an update of your product listings you will notice that it tells you that you have listed an item

over two weeks ago or four weeks ago it will ask if you have sold this item and your options are sold on Facebook sold elsewhere or haven’t sold if you choose the option sold on facebook you will receive another message to mark the item as sold or not now if you marked it as sold or not now you can still view the listing if you choose the option haven’t sold your listing will have the option to be renewed in the marketplace you can renew your listing again for a specific number of times after seven days on your product listings you may see a blue text showing a tip to renew your listing then you can have

the option to renew your listing on this pop-up window so that more people can discover your listing as you can see our post has been renewed and you can renew it for four more times after that you must renew it manually to make it visible to more Facebook users if you need to promote your products or services using email marketing we have a marketing app that can help your emails get into the inboxes of your leads with mail engine you can send emails using Gmail and g suite

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