Hollywood actors reimagined to Bollywood actors by AI

Hollywood actors reimagined to Bollywood actors by AI

Now there are many instances where a Hollywood movie does well there are people in India Who start thinking about which Indian actor could have replaced the Hollywood star in the Hollywood film enough with. AI enough much everything is possible there is this Indian design company called lazy eight which is using artificial designs to revise top Bollywood actors as the iconic Hollywood actors and some of these top films. so this is what AI is now putting out Shahrukh Khan can become Rambo, Ajay devgan can become Maximus Desmos Meridius from Gladiator, while kural kemu became the Joker from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight will anupam care is shown as the wise and Noble Yoda from Star Wars.


Just a few hours ago remember there were images AI images of the former American president Donald Trump being pushed down to the ground by a group of police officers before he was taken away and then put in jail. Now this of course was a viral video the adjustment falls on social media the images were created by Elliot Higgins using the latest version of mid-journey with some people initially even believing that the images were real.

Now Higgins has since been banned from mid-journey with the power of AI growing ever stronger and people using the technology to play on the current events of the day. There is a risk that some could in fact use the images for wrong purposes and many people of course end up believing that what is showing is in fact the right thing Beyond is now available in countries.

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