Global crackdown of TikTok US lawmakers want Ban on App

Global crackdown of TikTok US lawmakers want Ban on App

TikTok CEO faced hours of Relentless questioning from combative U.S lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle lawmakers quiz issue over tiktok’s alleged ties to China and its possible danger to teens Republicans and Democrats.

They fear Beijing could subvert the site for spying data harvesting and advancing a Chinese Communist Party agenda TikTok is facing an existential threat the app is seeking to survive a White House ultimatum that it either splits from its Chinese ownership or be banned in the United States.Lawmakers from the house Energy and Commerce Committee had a series of questions. so who is Harvard educated former Banker was frequently denied opportunities to expand on his answers or that decides huge Global popularity with the youth referring to tick tock’s china-based parent company.

The 40 year old said that by dance is not owned or controlled by the Chinese government and is a private firm in one particularly heated exchange shoe was forced to acknowledge that some personal data of Americans was still subject to Chinese law. But he insisted that would soon change the U.S representatives also confronted shoe with dire examples of young users promoting suicide or dangerous stunts all.U.S user data is stored by default in the Oracle Cloud infrastructure and access to that there’s control any American companies employees in China. Including Engineers currently have access to U.S data Congressman.

I would appreciate this is a complex topic today all data yeah it’s not that complex yes or no do they have access to user data we have after project Texas is the aren’t done the answer is no today there’s still something. Now ban would be a non-precedented act on a media company by the US government it would cut off the country’s 150 million monthly users from an app that has become cultural Powerhouse especially for young people. A group of conservative internet celebrities influencers and activists held a ban Tick-Tock event outside the U.S Capitol.

However supporters of tiktok and Free Speech activists criticize the hearing as political theater and urged against an outright ban. our first amendment guys the next phase of teen despair of children’s and it’s delivered by a Chinese algorithm. I think gen Z would sort of in their way Riot around this I don’t find people going back to other platforms like Instagram or Twitter but like TikTok would find a way to stay or some Corporation another would try and buy them. Now The TikTok CEO responded to many point to complex he did not announce any new efforts to safeguard privacy falling back on explanations of ongoing efforts which are fair to peace critics.

If I have a tiktok app on my phone and my phone is on my home Wi-Fi network does tiktok access that Network it will have to to access the network to get connections to the internet. if that’s the question is it possible then that it could access other devices on that home Wi-Fi network Congressman we do not do anything that is beyond any industry Norms.

Now ahead of the hearing the Commerce Ministry in Beijing said that it would firmly oppose a false sail Beijing underlined that any deal or any spin-off of tiktok would require approval by the Chinese authorities. Last month Canada banned Tik-Tok on government devices the UK Parliament has banned Chinese own social media optic talk from its network over security concerns and it follows a decision by the UK government to ban ministers from using the app on their work phones.

Recently the European Union’s two biggest policy-making institutions banned Tick Tock from staff forms for cyber security reasons remember India said the precedent by Banning TikTok in 2020 during the questioning of tick tock CEO U.S lawmaker Debbie. Let’s go cited a recent Forbes article the article claimed that TikTok still has access to years of Indian’s data The TikTok CEO said his team is looking into the article and cited rigorous data access protocols.

Administration recently told TikTok that it wants the apps Chinese owners to sell their steak or face a ban.In the United States however that plan faced a roadblock on a Thursday when the Chinese government said that it would oppose a sale the White House could ban the app in the United States possibly by cutting access from Apple and Google.

The administration could also allow the app to continue operating however the app would store its data of U.S users on Oracle servers in the United States an option that has already been met with skepticism. While some notably influencers on many social media platforms have called the Banning of tik-tok government overreach.

It’s hard to remember that anything has had such widespread bipartisan support on Capitol Hill in a recent months or even recent years something that lawmakers on Thursday even alluded to themselves.

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