Facebook Emoji meaning and how to use them for a good cause and reactions.

Facebook Emoji meaning and how to use them for a good cause and reactions.
I want to talk to you about one really interesting topic  you know we’re all spending so time on social media and uh we usually see some pictures images like some post with some valuable information to us you have you know those type of posts where people asking for help or where actually community trying to do something good sometimes instead of help people actually um doing opposite because people don’t really understand.

Facebook reactions and that’s what I want to talk about today so Facebook reactions was really you know they were created for understanding how people react to the information which they see in a post so you have the options like the post loves the post you care about it you’re laughing um you’re surprised you’re crying and you said whenever you leave your reaction on this post you’re actually thinking how you feel about this information in that post but the thing is the way how you feel about this post actually influence what Facebook does with this post further on,
for example if you see a post where someone says listen i need the help to bring my dog to veterinary or something happened with this street cat and we need to help him and of course like first reaction which people saying like oh it’s so sad and what Facebook does see Facebook understands oh this person feels sad so probably i don’t really need to show this post to anyone else because they’re also gonna feel sad and the goal of the Facebook other social media platform is to make people happy and basically whenever people react that they feeling bad it means that they spend a little bit less time on the social media platform so less advertisement can be shown and that’s where algorithm understands
Now this post shouldn’t be shown to such people because they don’t really feel good about it so basically they’re not going to spend more time on the social platform but the thing is if you want to help if you want to make sure that this post can be seen by by much like many more people so in this case you should be uh leaving one of those top uh let’s say three reactions you can just like you can love or you can care it means that this post or information in this post is something you care about is something which is valuable to you or available to someone else so whenever you see some post.
Where you your potentially understand that many more people should be seeing it to make an impact or to you know to help the situation instead of leaving said emoji leave care or laugh or just like it to show the algorithm that there is information which is valuable which is right to show to other people and of course if it’s positive if it’s nice if it’s something you’re happy about or which is you know makes you laugh so you can leave like one of those two which is haha emoji or wow emoji those would also trigger the algorithm that there is something really positive in this post so make sure you can help others by leaving right reaction to the information which you seen. so hope you enjoyed to read Facebook Emoji meaning and how to use them for a good cause and reactions. read more

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