Delhi court convicts Yasin Malik in terror-funding case

NEW DELHI A Delhi court Thursday condemned Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik in a terror- backing case after Yasin had contended shamefaced to all the charges last Tuesday, including the bones under the Unlawful Conditioning Prevention Act (UAPA).

Following the charges, the court directed Yasin to expose all the sources of his income and declare all his means by filing an affidavit, NDTV reported.
The court also asked India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) to find out about Yasin’s fiscal situation, so that it could decide the quantum of fine to put on him. The judgment will be issued on May 25.

According to NDTV, Yasin had refused to accept the charges, including Section 16 (terrorist act), Section 17 ( raising finances for a terrorist act), Section 18 ( conspiracy to commit a terrorist act) and Section 20 ( being a member of terrorist gang or organization) of the UAPA and Sections 120-B ( felonious conspiracy) and 124-A (sedition) of the Indian Penal Code.
The court had said that Yasin” had set up an elaborate structure and medium across the world to raise finances for carrying out terrorist and other unlawful conditioning in Jammu and Kashmir in the name of the’ freedom struggle’.”

Following the conviction of Yasin, Pakistan explosively condemned the” fabricated charges against him “and called the Indian charge d’ affaires to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday in this regard.

According to the Foreign Office prophet, the Indian diplomat was conveyed Pakistan’s” grave concern that in a shot to suppress the voice of the indigenous Kashmiri leadership, the Indian government had resorted to entwining them in fictitious and motivated cases”.
“Neither the malignant Indian tactics of conjuring up false charges against Kashmiri leadership nor the terrain of persecution, suppression and intimidation could quash the bent struggle of the Kashmiris,”the FO told the diplomat, according to a statement.

The brutal treatment allocate out to him despite his habitual affections and denial of decent health care installations had redounded in a steep decline in his health.
The Cd ’A was advised to prevail upon his government that” rather than unlawfully keeping the Kashmiri leadership hostage and denying them their abecedarian mortal rights, it must incontinently halt its state- patronized terrorism in the IOJK, release all political captures confined on trumped-up charges, stop mortal rights violations, lift the inhuman military siege and let the people of IOJK exercise their right to tone- determination as elevated in the applicable UN Security Council judgments.”

Pakistan calls for vindication of Yasin Malik
Pakistan called upon the Indian government for the vindication of Yasin from all unwarranted charges and immediate release from captivity so that he could be reunited with his family, recoup his health and return to normal life.

Pakistan also prompted the transnational community, including the United Nations and applicable mortal rights and philanthropic organizations to take immediate cognizance of the inhuman treatment allocate out by India to one of the most prominent Kashmiri leaders, who had been leading a peaceful freedom struggle for the last numerous decades.

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