Best Gaming Keyboards Under 100 to Buy it

If you looking for the best gaming keyboards under 100 then this article is for you because today we’re going to be checking out the top best gaming keyboards under a hundred dollars to save you guys some money. They’re not all brand new releases or anything these are some that I’ve had or picked up recently that I think are definitely worthy of the recommendation.

If you’re trying to pick up a new best gaming keyboard under 100 without breaking the bank if you see anything you like today, I’ll have them all listed for you in this article for you guys. So you can check them out and just two quick things before we go further first instead of doing the sound test for each keyboard during their segment that’d be causing a lot of breaks and you know unnatural pauses during the video we’re going to save them all to the end lump them together back to back to back.

so you can hear how they sound second every keyboard here is going to be unmodded so you know what you’re getting if you choose to pick it up stock out of the box. All unmodded unless noted otherwise for certain changes something like you know what I’ve done is just add custom coil cables to each of them just to make it you know look better.

Here are the best gaming keyboards under 100

Techware Spectre Pro

Techware Spectre Pro

Techware Spectre Pro I love what Techware Spectre Pro, tech ware is doing as a brand, the phantom they just make really great budget-friendly options that punch way above their price tag, and the story is no different here with the specter pro. You will see it’s got the full-size layout and some crazy RGB going on including under glow as well as the media dial on the top right-hand side to adjust the volume.

On the fly that might not seem like a big deal but for a budget keyboard like this that is a killer addition so for its full-size layout here you’re going to have that edition of the numpad on the right side. I understand a lot of people out there still are you need the Numpad so here you go for the RGB you have the full offering the lettering on the keycaps is shine through there are 18 different effects built into the keyboard plus a custom mode.

If you want to kind of create your own effect and have all the colors be different for each key it’s always tedious but if you want, you can do it techware does offer software for this keyboard and you don’t need it either which is good. On the middle of the back is the USB port it does come with its own braided cable but I recommend you can always just add your own custom coil cable if you have one already you want to pick one up just to spice up the looks a little bit.

But at least it’s UDBs now popping off the keycaps you’ll see the switch underneath. This keyboard is a hot swap meaning you can pop out a switch it up on the fly and sort of get your own configuration going on. Now the PCB is north facing and has three pins that’s where the compromises are being made. They’re really only compatible with other atenu switches.

However, you can get it to work with kale and cherry for example if you shave the pins but honestly, not too you know worth it in the end it’s a lot of trouble to go through to make it fit. There’s still a pretty decent offering of the time you switch this out that you can use for this but at least you have the option with the hotspot PCB. So again under glow bunch of different RGB effects the full-size layout USBc volume dial up top all great features found on just a 60-dollar keyboard.

so a really great price for this here like I said techware always killing it so isn’t the best gaming keyboard under 100. gif maker 9 JAVEDALII.COM

GK61S Keyboard

GK61S keyboard

Next up we have on the list of Best gaming keyboards under 100 the GK61S so you might be familiar with the gk61 these keyboards are super popular because of the fact that it is 60 so it’s a nice small compact mechanical keyboard for 60. So also very good pricing here and these gk61 and 61s keyboards are also popular for the fact that they’re a great starter point for kind of getting into the whole custom keyboard community with 13 switches to pick from.

You can swap key caps on there take it apart you know mod the inside to improve the sound atom custom cable. It’s just a very beginner-friendly keyboard like I said to start modding and customizing I’ve seen a lot of people with the gk61. You know buy a nice keycap set and boom looks completely different it is made by HK Gaming I don’t really like them ripping off a lot of creator’s keycap sets and being pompous about it that’s a whole different story.

The keyboard here is good now what also I really like about the gk61 is just the options available like I said 13 different switches to pick from including optical switches some switches will vary in price for the keyboard overall. But there are also six total keyboard colors to pick from you have black, red, white, a lavender Malibu which is the blue color, and a pink color. So it’s just catering to so many different people with all these different configurations you have a bunch of different RGB effects to pick from the characters on the keycaps are also shine through and there are sub legends printed on the keycaps because again it’s a 60 layout.

It’s a lot smaller and for those extra keys that you don’t have physically, you can see where they are printed on the keycap for the extra functions. The optical black switches and also it’s a hotspot PCB so you could pop out the optical blacks and swap them out with other optical switches on the stock gk61 keyboard that isn’t optical. You can also pop out those keys and then use other ones as well now due to the all-plastic construction it’s definitely a hollow-sounding keyboard overall you’ll hear that during the sound test but again that gives you the chance to open it up mod it lube.

The stabilizers add some foam may be very beginner-friendly prices which is good at this price tag of best gaming keyboards under 100 do vary from 59 to 89 depending on the board color and the switch type the Malibu One optical black switches was 80. you can get them out starting at 60. gif maker 9 JAVEDALII.COM

AJazz K620T Keyboard

AJazz K620T

Now we have the jazz k620t keyboard nice and wireless still mechanical obviously highlighted by the volume wheel yet again and this interesting-looking tray up top. so coming in at 60 and wireless also going to be very you know spacious friendly to your desktop no cables no clutter and it’s also USBs.

If you want to use it wired or just to charge it again you have USBs but those two main physical features here the volume wheel and the built-in tray is what really piqued my interest the most and why I picked it up to begin with. The tray can be used to hold your phone or maybe a tablet so you can use it with that you know it’s wireless hook-up to an iPad have it right there in front of you or just use it as a tray.

You know put in a pen maybe or a stylus a USB hold your crumbs maybe paper clips desktop things put it in there now the k620t is Bluetooth so there’s no proprietary dongle to use of that for the wireless connection. But it can also pair to three different devices at once over Bluetooth also as I said in addition to using this wired if you choose so use it on your pc or like I said before hook your iPad up to it and connect it all wirelessly put it right there in the tray. Now you have like a little minicomputer in front of your kind of built into 19 different RGB lighting modes again there are 18 to pick from plus that additional customizable one where you can make your own layer with it being all white and some of the extra color keycaps on this best gaming keyboards under 100.

They give you it does look really cool and it pops nicely with the colors they are using their own switches here in a jazz pink there’s also ajazz blue pinks linear blues are clicky. Now they also factory-lubed their stabilizers which is good to see but I was also kind of confused because they don’t really sound like lubes even though physically. They are there were so many variants that even picked up a second unit to confirm. The space bar here is a lot louder and more rattly the second unit I had definitely quieter with less rattle so again they are lubed you can take them apart and polish them up a little bit.

I think though overall for a wireless mechanical keyboard with a little built-in tray plus the volume wheel up top, it is worth it. The price of admission for just around 75 however it’s tough to find them in stock because they’re also making a second version so I don’t know if they discontinue this they’re just not making as many as quickly but yeah 75 bucks right around there a good price for it. If you want to get these Best gaming keyboards under 100 and then don’t waste your time just buy it. gif maker 9 JAVEDALII.COM

Keychron K2

Keychron K2

Next for another wireless mechanical keyboard in the category of best gaming keyboards under 100, we have the keychain k2 and you’re probably familiar with Keychron they exploded onto the scene in 2019 and they have so many different models and sizes of keyboards out there. This the really nice wireless and compact 75 layouts you don’t see too often because it is so compact like this you still have the arrow keys on the right side plus the f row up top now over at Bluetooth 5.1 you’ll see on the left side there’s a button to actually toggle between mac OS and windows or you know windows and android mac and iOS so depending on your platform you can easily toggle between.

The best gaming keyboards under 100 of keychain k2 also give you additional keycaps inside the box so again if you’re using it on mac you have keycaps for that windows appropriate keycaps for that and also as you saw USBs on the left side if you want you can also use this wired. So in addition to the really compact form factor here, I really like the looks of it you know it’s nice and muted got that two-tone gray color plus the orange accents you can also swap those out for gray keycaps as well they’re still included for you.

I think it’s just a really nice work-from-home keyboard you know nice and professional looking get work done during the day and switch it over to gaming at night. Now again with it being Bluetooth 5.1, there’s also no dongle included no proprietary wireless system and for those worried about Bluetooth connectivity like I was at first usually with gaming, there’s some sort of lag or you know noticeable latency.

I think it was like 25 milliseconds which is right on par and actually less than the ducky one two mini RGB so you’re not going to notice any significant lag to interrupt your gaming it does have built-in RGB effects. Some other models don’t have RGB like I said they have so many different models out there. This one however is also not a hot swap but they also have a k6 version of this best gaming keyboards under 100 with different keycaps that is a hot swap so the key crown just has their bases covered all around inside here.

The model prices do vary typically from like 85 to 95 this one was just around 85. I just really like Keychron and what they’re doing here nice and clean compact mechanical keyboards work during the day gaming at night. They got you Keychron K87 so from clean and minimal to crazy RGB. So what are you say this best gaming keyboard under 100 which is a very good price tag? gif maker 9 JAVEDALII.COM

Warmer k87 gif maker 35 JAVEDALII.COM

Here with the warmer k87 you can take a look at this thing immediately and see this is pretty nuts frosted RGB there are five studio lights. It might be blown out but yes the k87 has you RGB lovers out there covered so the construction here is this transparent pmma glass you know it’s gonna look similar to a frosted acrylic you’ve seen out there.

You know probably like a tofu keyboard in the category of best gaming keyboards under 100 but this is the pmma glass and not only is each key backlit but there are also RGB lads underneath the keyboard surrounding it so with its pmma glass it gives it this crazy just like RGB diffusion in all 360. It looks nuts there are 18 total effects on board you’re seeing a pattern here it’s the typical effects you’re going to see on all these budget-friendly gaming keyboards now due to its unique design much like acrylic keyboards not only is it going to look cool but it’s going to play an effect on how the keyboard sounds.

I will say the pmma does give like a higher resonance thaki sound to your typing or gaming it’s very unique on the back right side you have USBs and yet again we have a hot swap PCB and this is five pins so you’re pretty much going to be covered on any switch type you want to use here. The visuals are just going to be absolutely crazy do what you want so this version here is clear with the white keycaps they also sell a smoked dark phoenix version which has a darker pmma glass and also uses black pudding keycaps.

Pricing for this is just around 85 dollars which is amazing on the list of best gaming keyboards under 100 I think it’s a steal for the overall construction the looks the layouts the possibilities like I said five pin hotspot PCB a really RGB-visual friendly looking keyboard. gif maker 9 JAVEDALII.COM

Fnatic miniStark

Fnatic miniStark

Now we have Fnatic Mini Streak’s best gaming keyboards under 100 and then last but not least is the Fnatic mini Streak here. They give you a really slim low profile body it’s nice and rounded and compact and visually looks really nice I think so thrown into the mix with the TKL layout. You’ll see four extra buttons up top you have one next to the escape key on the top right you have three extra ones you can configure in their software. You know it’s for like muting and stuff so while it’s not visually the nicest placement so they are there in case you got to utilize them finance does also have software for the best gaming keyboards under 100.

If you want to configure it change up some of the keys and RGB it’s all configurable on the keyboard itself too which is good. There are already eight RGB lighting modes built-in keycaps are abs and they are prone to definitely you know showing fingerprints and oils and stuff like that but the shine-through legends here are pretty bold overall. So the RGB is going to go and glow pretty nicely upwards as well as on the back side of this little fanatic badge. Now in terms of variations they do offer this in cherry red cherry brown and a kale speed silver switch I love speed switches nice and fast quick for gaming with low actuation points. so here they’re nice and smooth nice and quick so for just around 90 dollars again nice and slim low profile overall really nice construction the one thing that kind of bothers me and just a little you know tip out.

There is the USB port is embedded underneath on the back side so if you are using a custom coil cable it’s not going to work out too well because it’s got to bend and it won’t fit in the channel so with this you’re going to be better off using the stock included USB-c cable. So yeah worth mentioning but again for just around what I say 90 bucks the price for this definitely good in the list of best gaming keyboards under 100 dollars with those kale speed switches. gif maker 9 JAVEDALII.COM

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Which are the best gaming keyboards under the 100 range?

The best gaming keyboards under the 100 range are the Fnatic miniStark at 90 dollars, Warmer k87 at 85 dollars, and Keychron K2 at 85 to 95 dollars so on, but these are the top-of-the-line under this price tag.

which are the best gaming keyboards under the 100 range in the USA?

The best gaming keyboards under 100 in the USA are Fnatic miniStark, Keychron K2, and Warmer k87.

What are the most popular best gaming keyboards under 100?

The most popular best gaming keyboards under 100 are Techware Spectre Pro, Jazz K620T, Fnatic miniStark, and Keychron K2.

Which are the most affordable best gaming keyboards under the 100 range?

The most affordable best gaming keyboards under the 100 range are the Fnatic miniStark at 90 dollars, the Warmer k87 at 85 dollars, and Keychron K2 at 85 to 95 dollars so on.

What are the main point should keep in mind before buying the best gaming keyboards under 100?

The main point that should keep in mind before buying the best gaming keyboards under 100 do a little bit of research on mobile phones which one is better in performance, smoothness of pressing keys, and most of all built quality.

As mentioned all keyboards are best on their own amazing features, these all are the best gaming keyboards under 100, so you won’t be misled by the market I gather these keyboards for you guys.

On the market, you will find many gaming keyboards with the same price tag but these best keyboards are very good whether we talk about their RGB Light, Keycaps, Bluetooth, and so on.


These all mentioned best gaming keyboards under 100 are best phones in their lineup, the listed keyboard are highly trusted because of their built quality an These keyboards good all over the world I am saying this with user reviews because everyone using These keyboards. All the keyboards are good enough for using.

We have also best gaming keyboards under 100 because these keyboards are one of the best keyboards on the market, these keyboards offer many features which gives best experience to users with this price bracket, it’s very smooth on gaming because of its keycaps, good built quality, people won’t regret to get these best gaming keyboards under 100.

Overall all the keyboards are best in the segment, but make sure to take any decision to buy keyboard do a little bit research, before choices any keyboard focuses on key of keyboard, built quality and of course most of all smoothness, you can choice one of these best gaming keyboards under 100.

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