Best auto accident attorney near me in Atlanta

Best auto accident attorney near me

Let me give you a scenario you’re injured in a car wreck it was it your fault the person that hit you admitted that he wasn’t paying attention and was talking on a cell phone when he rear-ended your car it looks like your vehicle may be a total loss but you aren’t sure and you have medical bills not only from the ambulance ride to the hospital but also with the doctor that examined you there and you need continuing medical treatment but you either don’t have health insurance or you don’t have the money for co-pays.

What he did you hire a lawyer that specializes in personal injury claims but how do you find the right lawyer to help you with your case this is a very important question because you have a lot at stake let me give you the top five things to consider when hiring a law firm one does the attorney specialized in your area of the law if you hurt a car wreck you don’t want to hire an attorney that mainly handles divorce cases or DUI cases in my opinion the days of an attorney handling all legal matters from divorces to real estate closings to auto accident claims are long gone you heard the old expression jack of all trades master of none I firmly believe this laws constantly change it’s very difficult if not impossible for an attorney to keep current on the latest happenings in every legal arena attorneys can claim that they specialize in a certain area of the law.

But let me encourage you to check out his or her website if the website tells you the attorney also handles bankruptcy cases or criminal defense matters or collection defense claims then there’s a good chance that they have not handled or do not handle a lot of cases for car wreck victims number two is the attorney recognized in your field as an expert by other attorneys what awards or honors has the attorney received does the attorney teach continuing education courses for other lawyers and three experienced find out how long the attorney has been practicing law and how many cases the attorney has handled just like yours you don’t want your case to be the attorneys first for example since 1993 my firm has helped over 38,000 injured victims and their families in personal injury claims number four is the attorney license to practice law in Georgia believe it or not.

There are attorneys you see on TV or you hear on the radio that do not even have a license to practice law in Georgia I really feel that they are misleading the public when they don’t say that in their edge you have to look at the small little disclaimer at the bottom to find out number five will you get to meet with the attorney in the TV ad two things to point out about this some of the attorneys you see on TV or hear on the radio claimed to be working for the citizens of Georgia but they don’t even live in the state that’s right then they live in Birmingham Alabama or Orlando Florida and to some of these attorneys are rarely in the office you don’t get a chance to meet with them personally to discuss your claim now think about that for a moment your world has been thrown upside down because of the car wreck you have significant injuries medical bills and a need for continuing medical treatment the bills keep coming in.

But the paychecks have stopped because you’re not working so with all these problems don’t you think it’s important to actually meet the attorney that is making you all these promises well I do and that’s why my clients get to meet with me in my office to discuss the facts of their claim we talk about their rights in the insurance companies responsibilities by the way I live here Georgia is my home it’s where my kids go to school my family goes to church and I do have a license to practice law in Georgia now if you can’t speak with the other attorneys or even meet with them then ask yourself is this really a lawyer you can trust to handle your claim when they won’t even take the time to talk with you if you’d like to speak with a good lawyer about your claim just pick up the phone right now and give them or call right now a lawyer a call at one eight hundred win-win one the consultation is free it is completely confidential and there is no obligation. hope you like the Atlanta accident attorneys so that it for all Atlanta accident attorneys. read more

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