Best Apple leaks confirms iPhone 15 release

The iPhone 15 Pro Design leaks have been insane over the past couple of months with various potential feature leaks going back and forth between either coming for sure or not coming at all there was even one leak that was completely wrong from the very beginning but the truth has now come to light finally confirming the precise production model design that we’re actually going to be getting this September.

So let’s jump right into the final leaks and changes now going way John Prosser’s SURPRISE iPhone 14 Redesign Leak back a year and a half ago in 2021. We had a major redesigned leak coming from John Prosser for the iPhone 14 getting an iPhone 4 style redesign with protruding glass in the front and back with flush camera lenses making this absolutely beautiful new design.

He showed off many different angles like this one showing the older circular Style buttons in a really really nice and unique design that was so much different than what Apple has been using since the iPhone 6. However, Max Weinbach’s Conflicting Official iPhone 14 CADS in March of 2022 Max Weinbach released the official CAD renders for the iPhone 14 pro and pro-Max and John Prosser was wrong it was basically the same design all over again with a bigger camera bump but with the dynamic Island.

Iphone 15

So the general consensus was that this brand new redesign was delayed an additional year until the iPhone 15 series maybe even the ultra. with rounded glass merging into the flat sides with protruding lenses right on top of the flat glass panel which looks absolutely beautiful, especially in this brand new bronze color but the no Max Weinbach once again.

Official iPhone 15 Design, CADS, and Renders

OFFICIAL iPhone 15 Design + Canceled:

Solid-State Buttons poured cold water all over those redesigned leaks basically showing the official case cads which were created by Ian Zelbo and you can see the design looks almost the same with one very unique touch the edges are now rounded into the flat glass front and back. However, there are actually two other major feature changes that we were not expecting that totally changed everything.

Iphone 15 solid button

The first one was this absolutely massive camera bump basically being as thick as the phone itself, particularly showing off this inner black ring sticking out much further than expected and then the second one was this unified volume button insert which zone attack actually talked about showing off that it’s now going to be one unified button and this actually connected to something Michiko said back in October where the iPhone 15 Pro would have three taptic engines featuring solid-state buttons and then that grew in January saying that for sure we’re getting non-moving buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro and then we even got additional information saying that there’s going to be a custom chip that can adjust for the sensitivity to cater for cases and gloves.

So we started getting new renders showing off that unified volume rocker and Unknowns 21 actually showed off the official design with this kind of slit or Ridge in the middle Discerning between the plus and minus and he even showed off the internal part that was supposed to control all of this but the no Michiko came out and said we’re no longer getting those solid-state buttons any longer getting that unified volume button due to design issues making it get delayed until the iPhone 16 Pro.

Now it basically is going back to having the regular buttons but on the plus side NEW Programmable Action Button the new programmable action button which is replacing the new Switch is sticking around. so we have confirmation that that is going to stay which is really nice at least we get something new on this new iPhone 15 Pro and then finally just last week.

EXCLUSIVE iPhone 15 CADS & Renders:

Iphone 15 cads

We got updated cads exclusively from nine to five Mac and Ian Zobo revealing basically the final confirmed changes that are happening as you can see we have both volume buttons back just like they were before. We have the new action button on the left which replaces the old 14 pros mute switch that you will see and the final change is that that massive camera bump on the iPhone 15 Pro is actually gone it is. now the same as an iPhone 15 Pro Max no longer that massive now it looks much more reasonable it’s definitely bigger than the one in the 14 Pro and 14 Team pro-Max but it is no longer as massive and that was confirmed by renders basically saying that the massive camera bump on the iPhone 15 Pro never existed at any point in development it was never planned either it was basically a lie or a trap or some kind of accident it was basically staying consistent from the very beginning.

Now that said with all of that settled and confirmed here are the new cads it’s basically very similar to the 14 pros except for the rounded edges which are going to feel better in your hand and we have the new action button those are going to be the major changes. however, the one that I’m very excited about is the thin bezels apparently the iPhone 15 Pro Max is gonna break the record for the thinnest bezels on any smartphone being only 1.5 millimeters thick, and right on cue Ian Zubble created these final renders showing the confirmed bezel size of on the iPhone 15 pro and pro-Max and that is absolutely mind-blowing on top of that.

We also got confirmation that the iPhone 15 Thermal & Battery Life Improvements models are using more efficient OLED display driver chips manufactured on a newer 28-nanometer process compared to 40 nanometers so that is going to be using less power which will help it not overheat as fast and have less display dimming issues and it’s going to help with battery life as well which we already had reports of the best battery life that we’ve seen because of the new a17 3-nanometer chip so that’s going to be a huge difference and then, of course, Exclusive iPhone 15 PRO ONLY Hardware.

Iphone 15 titanium finish

We can’t forget one of the biggest changes which is the titanium finish which looks absolutely beautiful in this render by Ian Zelbo and USBC which is finally coming and replacing the lightning port on all of the models but the more interesting thing is that the regular 15s are getting slow USB 2.0 speeds and the pro models are getting USB 3.0 according to reports can recall which is a lot faster than it currently is right now on top of that.

The report also said it seems likely that we’re getting the Periscope camera on the Pro Max even though the massive camera bump leak is gone we’re still getting the Periscope on the pro-Max model which is great and finally we got some updated Beautiful Renders from RendersbyShailesh leaks from renders by Shailesh basically showing you guys the confirmation of the final design with the action button both of the volumes buttons the titanium the larger camera bumps no longer as massive as it was before and this new deep red color which looks absolutely amazing and you can see that titanium texture as well this looks absolutely incredible and from the side, you can now see that nice curve which is going to make it feel nicer in your hands very excited for that and Bam you could see the very thin bezels as well with the 2.5 D glass. so that does it those are the final confirmed leak details on the design this is what we should expect come September.

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