At least 24 dead in ‘destructive’ Mississippi tornado outbreak

At least 24 dead in ‘destructive’ Mississippi tornado outbreak

This morning with the news breaking overnight a string of deadly storms that swept across the southeast. At least 24 people were killed in Mississippi when a tornado touched down just after Sundown Mississippi’s. Governor says search and rescue operations are underway and that emergency crews are surging to the area’s hardest hit by the storm.

But seeing a clear picture of just how damaging the storm is won’t come until daylight the system marched through Louisiana through Mississippi tornado and into Alabama delivering Twisters huge hailstones, heavy rain and damaging wind gusts. The storms are stretching into the Midwest this morning and could cause problems from the Ohio Valley and the Great Lakes up into the Northeast.

It was getting pitch black and many of the communities where the tornado did hit they are without power. but the main concern is finding the victims and the survivors and people who need help and trying to get it to them but of course as before people won’t have a better light of what this looks like until the sun comes up. Footages

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