Amber Heard wanted a career like Johnny Depp’s friend Angelina Jolie

Hollywood actress Amber Heard wanted a career like her former husband Johnny Depp’s longtime friend Angelina Jolie. read more

According to a report by the Cheat Distance, Heard had disclosed this while talking to Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith during creation of Paranoia.
When the Aquaman actor was asked if there were any Hollywood stars she admired, she had mentioned Angliena Jolie as an relief.

“ I can’t suppose of anyone who’s better fulfilled the kind of line I admire better than Angelina Jolie. She’s really parlayed life in the public eye and used it to her advantage as opposed to just living life as a insulate because you feel taken advantage of by the general public and the shooters-happy culture.”
Meanwhile, there are also reports, Jolie had advised Depp about Amber Heard and showed her “ dislike” towards the The Rum Diary star amid the creation of their also releasing film The Tourist back in 2010. read more

As you people know that the situation between amber heard and Johnny Depp Amber heard already files case in pas and now another trials happening between Mr. Depp and Mrs. Heard, Johnny Depp ex-wife amber heard accused him more then 3 claims, Both have Good lowers the fight between and proving their selfies. The jury will decide the claim that made by Mrs. Heard is correct or not

About Johnny Depp
 short intro:
Johnny Depp world most popular Hollywood actor and senior actor he did so many hits movie, Like pirates of Caribbean which is always in top of the line number one movie, The demon barber of fleet street, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

About Amber Heard short intro
Amber Heard Hollywood female actress, She did many movies to be appreciates, Like Drive Angry, The Danish Girl, The ward. All the boys love Mandy lane,3 days to kill, And Zombieland.

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