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Accident lawyer Miami:

What we see here in South Florida a lot, were some of the bigger companies have their trucks on the road, you know, this tractor-trailer, large, very heavy and very dangerous vehicles and their drivers are not well trained. So, that’s really a problem that we see on our roads all the time and, let’s face it, people in South Florida as you’ve already experienced, we have very dangerous roads, okay?

So, one of the things that, unfortunately, we see and we represent clients for, are accidents involving large trucks, large tractor-trailer trucks, that are very dangerous to begin with, where the driver is not well trained and the driver, for example, turns into you, causing the accident without looking or without using their blinkers’
You also see in the large tractor-trailer accidents cases where the driver is too tired and the company has put that driver behind the wheel, you know, making them drive more than what’s allowed under the federal regulations, you know, the number of hours per day that they’re allowed to drive, and those drivers are required to keep logs of how many hours they’re on the road every day. Sometimes, either because the company tells them to do it or sometimes because the driver isn’t doing what the company wants them to do, they don’t record the hours correctly because, again.

The driver’s just trying to make money, driver’s trying to get to wherever he or she has to deliver the goods on time and so the driver is sometimes driving in the middle of the night, early-morning hours or maybe has been driving for 18 straight hours and that’s dangerous as well. That goes right back to training too, because the company needs to train the drivers not only how to drive safely, how to back up the vehicle appropriately, how to change lanes properly, to follow the speed limit as required by the law but also to drive according to the hour regulations. You can find best lawyers, Accident lawyer Miami. read more

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