10 new upcoming WhatsApp features

Hi every hope you all good today I bring for you all top 10 new upcoming WhatsApp features or upcoming features I will share you these features in this article before we go further you can find money articles about WhatsApp or any category you want just go to the categories you can be able to know about these features after reading this article so let’s start it.

10 new upcoming WhatsApp features:

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  1. Export backups:
    You can know that WhatsApp provides limited data backup we can’t not keep more data if we keep WhatsApp will charge for extra data storage, in this feature of export backups you can easily export your data into anywhere those of people also need to put data on another mobile sometimes people want to use two devices and they want same data on the both devices they can easily export and put the data in device so you will enjoy this feature and it will be useful for everyone.
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  1. Status updates – Chat List:
    In this feature you don’t need to go to status section WhatsApp because this feature provides you status updates on chat list, peoples go and see people’s status on status section but now on this feature the see status updates on chat like around the circle of profile there will be a green circle around the profile there you can easily see the status.
  1. Message edit:
    In this feature you can edit messages that you send to peoples before you were send the message to other if we do the mistake on the sent message, we only can do to delete it but after the upcoming feature we can edit the sent message on the spot which is very cool feature.
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  • Linked device remote:
    For this feature you can named any devices that inked in your WhatsApp if you want to use the same WhatsApp on other device of you, there you can named your second device or etc.
  • Group poll:
    Ok, this feature is amazing upcoming this feature will be good for every institute or school groups or particular groups because after this feature you can create polls to voting or etc. what we can see the poll in Facebook and YouTube or other social media platform the as same we can do it on groups for voting and for more.
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  • Undo message delete:
    In some cases we sent the messages to groups and people but there we delete message by mistake to tap only delete for me except of delete for everyone but after this feature you can get 5 second to send messages once you tap send it will automatically show undo in corner for 5 second there you can undo to delete message but you can get these features first on beta version of WhatsApp.
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  • View once voice note:
    After this feature we will be able to send voice notes on view once option there you voice note can be listened for only on time.
  • Cover photo:
    This feature is for WhatsApp business there you can put your cover image in background like YouTube channel background with profile image you can put banner for your business promotion and more on WhatsApp business you can call it WhatsApp business page.
  • Status reply indicator:
    You can get an indicator on your WhatsApp that will show status reply on your header of WhatsApp there you can understand the message is a reply for status not an inbox message.
  • Kept messages:
    This feature is about that you get a kept message section there you can keep your personal messages or more in this feature you message will be kept on kept messages section not be deleted.

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